#LivingArrows – Team Daddy 11/52 (2017)

Welcome to this weeks rather soppy edition of #LivingArrows when not only am I going to share a picture of my two beautiful children but I am also including the hubby because he deserves some love.

I may not say this as often as I should but I certainly struck lucky when I met Paul. Not only is he a fantastic fella and handsome hubby but is a blumming brilliant Daddy.

I was once rather irked by the fact that the children seemed to be shaking their pom-poms for ‘Team Daddy’ but these days I see it for what it is, adorable.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Beach Babes

The weathers been ever so slightly hit and miss recently, just as you think Spring has sprung the clouds loom ahead and we are thrown back into Winter. The weather is far from predictable ‘up north’ so we have to make the best of what we are given and get out when we can.

With the beach being right on our doorstep it tends to be where we end up most weekends come rain or shine. Thankfully the sun was certainly shining yesterday and as a result the kids got to have a good run on the beach with their beloved basset hound Molly.…

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Car Tyres Safety On The School Run

I do love the weekend, there’s something rather satisfying about switching the alarm off and sticking two fingers up to the school run. Seriously, sitting in the back of the our car whilst on the school run must feel like Top Gear for tiddlers.

I’m no Jeremy Clarkson but I certainly find myself lacking a filter when it comes to squeezing our people carrier between a double-decker bus and some tool whose unaware of their girth and has parked half a mile away from the pavement.

Why they’ve plonked a Primary School on the narrowest road imaginable I have no idea, not only is the road lacking in space but over the years vehicles seem to have grown in size.…

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#LittleLoves – David Walliams, Victoria Wood & The Comedy Of Life

Seriously has it been a week already? Friday has certainly flown in this week that’s for sure! What have I been doing for the past seven days? Well mostly running around like a blue backsided fly trying to warp the speed of time to fit in a few extra chores here and there.

It’s been an endless catch up game since recovering from my recent sickness and sadly its left very little time for pleasure. I will of course reach for the positives and try to fish out some #LittleLoves from the swamp of self-pity.



I myself haven’t read an awful lot myself this week but I have enjoyed reading with the kids, particularly David Walliams ‘The World’s Worst Children’.…

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Pilot Ollie & Pilot Polly’s Amazing Adventures Review

Our household has always enjoyed reading books, reading is part of our daily routine and we have an extensive collection of books which the children enjoy.

I am particularly keen on reading books which provide educational information to the children through an informal and enjoyable format. Books which offer the children support and understanding of the World in which they live are hugely beneficial not only for them but for us as parents.

Anything which can offer a little guidance and support here and there for children certainly gets my thumbs up, this is certainly the case for three travel based books which we were recently sent to read and review.…

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