#FessUpFriday With Kate From confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk

This weeks #FessUpFriday is written by Kate from www.confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk 

Kate is a married Mum of two from Norfolk whom began blogging shortly after becoming a Mum as a way to record those precious ‘first moments’ and to share her thoughts upon Motherhood. Kate also shares her crafting projects and the progress upon renovating her recently purchased home along with a whole host of other topics with her many readers.

Back in October 2012, E would have been approximately 10 weeks.  We had a mixed first few weeks, I absolutely loved being a Mum but in the first couple of weeks after giving birth I was very poorly with a haemorrhage and recovery made breastfeeding a struggle.…

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Dear Son – Now You Are Seven

Dear J

I cannot believe that it was seven years ago to this day that you arrived in our lives, our first-born child. From the moment that I held you in my arms, your steel-blue eyes looking into mine, my life changed forever. I never knew that I could feel a love as strong as I do for you, you became my new World, my new life and my reason for being. Becoming a parent has made me a better person because I now live my life through my children, seeing the World from a new perspective, from a new set of eyes and with new hope.…

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Spoiling Our Son As He Turns Seven

J turns seven on Friday, he is already so excited that he is fit to burst.  This year for his birthday he has asked for a Laptop, this may seem like a huge ask as it is an expensive gift however, following my recent switch to a new Macbook Pro, Paul has been using my previous laptop which is much larger and far more suited to his needs for shorttoons.com, in turn this has freed up Paul’s old laptop which he has refurbished for a certain young man. It may not be new but I am fairly sure that it will suit J down to the ground and at the end the of the day, it didn’t cost us a penny (unless you count the money spent on a Mac and that’s an investment though right?).…

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Sort Your Snaps & Save A Life Time Of Memories

Children take over every aspect of your life, including your hard drive space. From conception onwards, we try to capture the memories of the scans, the progress of pregnancy growth, the birth, the baby and so on.. It is incredible just how many photos and videos you will snap to record those precious moments. Whilst digital photos and videos are easy to shoot and to get printed, photos and videos all too often tend to remain stored upon our hard drives collecting dust so to speak. Don’t let your precious memories get lost in the multiple layers of your hard drive, instead take some time to organise and save your memories safely.…

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J’s Birthday- Cakes Of The Past And Yet To Be

Cakes Of The Past

I may not be Mary Berry but I can bake a cake, my most favoured recipe being the classic Victoria sponge. Each and every year since J was born I have baked him a cake to remember. I clearly remember wanting to do better than the bog standard icing sugar and smarties birthday cake that I had become accustomed to making year in and year out for Paul. I decided not to push the boat out too far and opted for a simple single-coloured iced cake with In The Night Garden figurines for my sons first birthday cake.…

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