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Shuffling Through The Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck

Having recently read with and reviewed ‘The Empathic Oracle‘, I was very keen to get my hands on further work by Michelle Mortuzas. Printed by Red Feather/ Schiffer, The Shamanic Healing Oracle Card deck is a symbolic tool for intuition derived from the concept of Shamanism.


Shamanism has many interpretations throughout varying cultures. In the past and even the present, people would seek assistance from local Shamans if they sick or troubled, and as a result, these figures were often labelled as ‘witch doctors’ or misguided individuals who relied upon superstitious folklore lacking scientific proof.

These days, shamanism is seen as a tool to tap into energies which may assist with the struggles of daily life.…

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Exploring The Empathic Oracle

Whilst I’m a keen tarot reader, I also like to delve into alternative methods of divination such as oracle cards – I often find that oracle cards often add an extra layer of information and clarification to a traditional tarot reading which can prove useful.

The Empathic Oracle

I’ve recently been reading with The Empathic Oracle, a fifty-six card oracle deck designed and created by Steve Wilson and Michelle Motuzas. Steve Wilson is an ordained Spiritualist Minister Shamanic healer, psychic teacher, and paranormal investigator, whereas Michelle Motuzas is a psychic medium, Shamanic practitioner, and intuitive artist and their combined work has resulted in a very simple but delightful deck.…

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Marvelling At The Manifesting Your Greatness Oracle Deck

Designed and created by the incredibly talented artist and writer Amy E. Chace, Manifesting Your Greatness is a bold, bright, and brilliant oracle deck ideal for gaining intuitive guidance and hope.

Amy first started out as a photographer based in New York winning various awards, she now lives on Long Island and works as a painter and illustrator for various books and publications.

Brightly Boxed & Packaged

Packaged in a medium-size, multi-coloured, sturdy cardboard magnetic-close box featuring royal blue hinge and ‘pull-to-close’ ribbons, The Manifesting Your Greatness Oracle deck includes an informative guidebook and forty-six cards.

The Guidebook

The Manifesting Your Greatness Oracle comes with a 102-page colour-printed guidebook which includes an informative preface, a guide upon how to shuffle and to spread the cards, a two-page spread for explaining each of the cards and a short conclusion explaining Amy’s pride and triumph and having printed her very own oracle deck.…

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Flicking Through The Modern Witch Tarot Journal

Given that I write a blog, you may well have guessed that I am quite keen on the idea of journaling. Until now, I’ve only used a very basic notepad to jot down any notes during tarot readings and though I like to keep a record of my readings, I never really had the media to do so.

Last week Liminal 11 very kindly sent me a copy of The Modern Witch Tarot Journal to review and to make use of during my readings and boy – what a difference it has made!

The Modern Witch Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot Journal is printed on high-quality 120gsm uncoated, woodfree paper and includes a ribbon bookmark to keep your place whilst working.…

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Reading & Reviewing The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

Designed and created by the award-winning Tillie Walden, The Cosmic Slumber Tarot is a beautiful, hand-painted tarot deck bursting with colour and warmth.

Deeply wrapped in surrealism and the subconscious, The Cosmic Slumber Tarot finds parallels between the world of omens, portents, archetypes, miracles, and revelations. Dreams are only part of the equation as this deck also takes inspiration from the cosmic and the cosmos.

Tillie Walden

Based in Austin, Texas, Tillie Walden (born in 1996) is a cartoonist and illustrator. Tillie created this wonderful deck whilst working alongside her knowledgeable assistant Beth, who would spend her days telling tales of tarot cards whilst Tillie continued working to create imagery for The Cosmic Slumber Tarot as she took inspiration from Beth and her wonderful stories.…

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