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The Spirit of Japan – Festivals, Rituals & Everyday Magic

Japan is often deemed as a non-religious country, though this is a cliche and it’s far from the truth. Having spent the past few weeks flicking through ‘The Spirit of Japan – Festivals, Ritual’s & Everyday Magic‘ I have come to learn that there are many spirits, demons, and elements of magic woven deep into the fabric of Japanese folklore, some of these effigies still populate roadsides and are part of Japanese rituals to this very day. Sean Michael Wilson & Fumio Obata Written by and Sean Michael Wilson and illustrated by Fumio Obata, ‘The Spirit of Japan – Festivals,… View Post

A Flip Through The White Numen – A Sacred Animal Tarot

Inspired by ancient rituals and stories of sacred animal spirits, White Numen Tarot is a stunning and original tarot deck designed and created by Alba Ballesta Gonzalez. Alba Ballesta Gonzalez Born and raised in Spain, Alba is a  2D artist who co-founded Weba! Studio (animation and indie-games) whilst finishing her major in Fine Arts, where she continues to work as an Art Director. For the past few years, Alba has been working upon animation, videogames and illustration for various companies including Magic the Gathering and Nickelodeon. Alongside her career, Alba also enjoys developing personal projects such as her latest Tarot… View Post

Reading & Reviewing The Gentle Tarot

Created and illustrated by Mari in the Sky aka Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar, The Gentle Tarot was published in late 2020. It is a calming, colourful, nature-inspired tarot deck that offers loving, supportive, and graceful guidance through stunning, soft, and sympathetic imagery. Mari in the Sky Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar is the artist and creator behind ‘Mari in the Sky’, she is a nature-inspired illustrator who creates hard-drawn art influenced by her indigenous spiritual background and life which she has spent in remote Alaska. Following graduating from Reed College in 2009 Mariza set about a life-long dream of travelling, temporarily settling in… View Post

Folk Magic & Healing – An Unusual History of Everyday Plants

Having thoroughly enjoyed reading Fez Inkwright's 'Botanical Curses and Poisons' my husband was keen to get his hands on further work by Fez Inkwright and he struck lucky as Liminal 11 very kindly sent us the latest edition of Fez Inkwrights 'Folk Magic and Healing - An Unusual History of Everyday Plants'.  View Post

Looking Through The Luna Sol Tarot

Designed and created by the founders of Liminal 11, Mike Medaglia and Darren Shill, the Luna Sol Tarot is an uplifting, healing tarot deck. This deck is the ideal tool for reflection within our beautifully diverse world. Liminal 11 recently sent me a copy of the second edition of the Luna Sol Tarot which I have spent the past week or so working with and already, I am head over heels with this divine deck. The Luna Sol Tarot Beautiful Boxes The second edition of the Luna Sol Tarot arrives packaged in a beautifully decorated, sturdy, cardboard box featuring a… View Post