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Marvelling At The Mary El Tarot (2nd Edition)

Having reviewed and featured a number of tarot decks on this here blog, I was recently contacted by Schiffer (Red Feather) asking whether I would like to review a few more of their amazing tarot decks – well why not?! I was honoured to be asked to collaborate with Schiffer and couldn’t wait to be able to work with yet more tarot decks.

Schiffer enquired as to which decks I may be interested in featuring and having flicked through their incredibly tempting catalogue, I asked whether it may be possible to have a copy of the new and revised second edition of The Mary El Tarot  – a tarot deck which I’d heard of but never yet seen…

Low and behold I was in luck and as a result, I am so pleased to be able to share this beautiful tarot deck with you, my lovely readers.…

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Shuffling Through The Spirit Within Tarot

Being an avid tarot card reader, I am also a keen deck collector and whilst living in lockdown over the past few months, I have whiled away some of my time by getting to grips with reading and using a variety of new tarot decks, including the marvellously modern and super stylish ‘Spirit Within Tarot‘ which Red Feather (Schiffer Publishing) very kindly sent me to review.

The Spirit Within Tarot was designed and created by Steven Bright (born in London in 1972), a professional tarot reader who is also the creator of two tarot decks, a keen blogger, a tarot reviewer, and the founder of Tiferet Tarot. …

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Reviewing & Reading With Monica Bodirsky’s Shadowland Tarot

2020 has been the roughest ride of my life so far, it has been an endless waterfall of problems, upset and tragedy, which has taken some serious soul-searching and strength to get through. I’ve still got plenty of races left to run and I’m still far from the finish line but I’m staying strong and sticking with it.

It is true that one must find strength during stormy weather, this may be physical strength, mental strength, or spiritual strength in my case.

As you may have read (in my past posts) earlier this year my husband gifted me a brand new tarot deck, which in turn rekindled my love for reading the tarot.…

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Treat Your Father Or Your Fella With TrendHim

Here in the UK, it’s not too long until Fathers Day and with us currently being in lockdown, I have been wondering what I might buy for my own Father, my Father-in-law and of course, my husband (whom the kids should really buy for themselves though they are only young and I am their Mother and therefore the gift-getter in this household). 

My husband isn’t the easiest man to buy for, he’s really into his gadgets but then he has everything so what do you buy for the man who has it all? Well – this year I opted for a wallet.…

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Savour The Flavour With The EasiYo Yogurt Maker

Having very much enjoyed using and reviewing the EasiYo Yogurt Maker late last year, we’ve since continued to create our own yogurt, though we have stuck to strawberry flavours simply to keep the kids happy. 


EasiYo first came about in New Zealand’s South Island almost one hundred and fifty years ago. EasiYo’s parent company ‘Westland Milk Products’ has since created a wide range of high-quality, dairy-based products that are now sold worldwide.

The EasiYo Yogurt Maker

EasiYo recently contacted us asking whether we’d be interested in trying some of their new yogurt mixes and flavours, which of course we were.…

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