#MySundayPhoto – Silence By The Sea

I love spending time walking along the beach, it sure blows the cobwebs away and enables me to have a moment’s peace to gather my thoughts as I wander silently by the sea.

We are so lucky to live in such in such a scenic, peaceful area. I often take our idyllic surroundings for granted, it’s what we have become accustomed to and has therefore become our ‘norm’.

We are all guilty of dreaming of far away lands, whether it’s a holiday destination or considering moving house. I think we all need to learn to ‘open our eyes’ and to really appreciate what we have right before us.…

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#LittleLoves – Bears, Beads And Beach Themes

It hasn’t been the best week in all honesty, I had a tooth extracted on Monday and since then I have been consuming vast amounts of pain killers in an attempt to feel next to normal.

Five days later I am still in agony, my gum looks like the area may be infected and I am now having to rinse with mouthwash each meal time and add antibiotics to my current drug intake. As you can imagine I haven’t done a great deal whilst in my current state so please excuse my rather dull #LittleLoves items for this week.


Amongst the piles of presents that E received for Christmas were a set of  Tony Ross’s ‘Little Princess’ books.…

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Making Math’s Memorable With MathsRockx

Our son J is quite talented at Maths but seems to find memorising information, particularly his Times Tables fairly difficult.

I was therefore rather pleased when were recently asked to review the MathsRockx App, a program specifically designed to help children revise and to learn their Times Tables through combining Music and Maths.

The MathsRockx App

Music is massively beneficial to many aspects of children’s learning, the MathsRockx app uses Music to help trigger memories and to learn specific information. By combining Music, Maths and visual cues, the MathsRockx App offers children a stimulating platform to recall mathematical information.

Much like we often find ourselves singing along to those catchy tunes on the radio, children are able to absorb the information through listening and singing along to the app and then over time will learn their Times Tables much like they would learn a song.…

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The Lights Are On But Nobody Is At Home

It’s too late to be sitting alone in the Office but for some unknown reason my head hasn’t powered down just yet. There’s a whole load of stuff running through my mind, the endless jobs which I am yet to complete, the many possibilities that tomorrow brings and a few other random bits of information which always seem to pop up around midnight when I consider attempting sleep.

I haven’t had time to sit down and to  work through the ‘usual jobs’ so far this week. I haven’t read many blogs, nor have I responded to a great deal of emails other than those I consider urgent.…

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The Finding Dory Nemo And Friends AquaBeads Set Review

I Am An AquaBeader!

I am very pleased to tell you that I was recently chosen to be a part of the ‘Aquabeaders’ online group. As part of this I will be sharing and promoting a wide range of Aquabeads sets and products with you, my wonderful readers.

What Are Aquabeads?

Aquabeads are small, coloured beads which when sprayed with water become sticky and can mould together to create a 2D design. There are a range of similar products including Hama Beads and Hot Beads also on the market but they require a hot iron to bond the beads together and are therefore far less suitable for young children.…

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