#MySundayPhoto- Swinside Stone Circle 

It may be winter but the weather has been absoloutly stunning recently. We decided to make the most of the sunshine and have a family winter walk up to the Swinside Stone Circle.

Despite this ancient wonder being on our doorsteps I’d never actually been to the stone circle until now.

We set off prepared for arctic temperatures, we were each wearing four layers of clothing, hats, gloves and scarves for good measure. It was such lovely weather that by the time we arrived at the site we were all stripped down to tee-shirts and jeans!

It was a fabulous walk out, we will be sure to return in the springtime with picnics and less layers of clothing!…

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One Month Till Christmas! – Tis Tradition!

Christmas is fast approaching, it is one my favourite times of the year especially now that I am a parent. I thought Christmas was ‘magic’ when I was a child, I presumed that Christmas would become less of an event as I got older. I was wrong, once you have your own children and are able to see Christmas through their eyes, that’s when Christmas is truly magic.

Over the years Paul and I have become accustomed to a range of Christmas traditions which we have since adapted, built upon and have even created some of our traditions to share with our children each year.…

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#LittleLoves – A Weight Has Been Lifted From My Shoulders

Welcome to this weeks edition of #LittleLoves, the weekly post in which I list some of the many things that I have particularly loved over the past seven days.


Whilst suffering from a rather bad bout of insomnia I flicked through my Kindle downloads and found ‘Light Is The New Black’. I could barely remember buying the book and so took a quick look to see what it was all about.

After reading a few chapters I soon realised that the book was ridiculously new-age and to be honest a bit ‘airy fairy’. It did however make me realise that whilst life may seriously suck at times I think I may finally have things pretty ‘soulfully sorted’.…

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Black Friday – Deals Or Deception?

It’s officially ‘Black Friday’, the latest American fad to hit the UK. As a lover of shopping, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as ‘bagging a bargain’. Black Friday however doesn’t seem to be all that it’s made out to be, I for one am certainly nonplussed by the so-called ‘deals’ which can apparently be had.

Black Friday – Deals Or Deception?

I purposely stayed up till past midnight specifically to carry out a little bit of ‘relaxed retail’ from the comfort of my sofa only to find that many of the ‘Black Friday’ offers certainly aren’t as cost-saving as all the hype them out to be.…

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The Benefits Of Board Games – What A Performance!

The Benefits Of Board Games

We have a cupboard in the living room filled to the rafters with board games, they are such a simple yet effective way to spend time together as a family. Our family has a busy schedule with work, school, nursery and a whole host of extra curricular activities, I often feel that there is little time for us to get together and relax, chat, giggle, and simply enjoy being a family.

Board games are a fantastic tool for the promotion of communication, providing a relaxing atmosphere to laugh, share stories and to let off some steam.…

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