Hi there! I’m Rach, a thirty-something-year-old wife to my wonderful husband Paul and Mummy to two amazing kids ‘J’ (aged 11) and ‘E’ (aged 7).

Up until becoming a parent, I’ve never really felt that I’ve had anything of worth to write about. Becoming a Mother was a rather large learning curve; my kids seem to teach me something new almost everyday: I’ve learnt how to change a nappy one-handed, how to clean vomit from the inside of a car seat, how to calm a child in the middle of a melt down, how to get the shopping done with two children in tow each of which are usually running in opposite directions and the list goes on…

Each and every day theres something new to tackle, something new to learn and something new to enjoy with my children. Come to think of it, being a parent is often a bit like being on an episode of ‘The Cube’, we are set almost impossible challenges and watched by every man and his dog as we attempt to win yet another round.

I’m not saying that being a parent is a negative thing but good grief, it can be difficult at the best of times! It is also the most wonderful thing in the World (you will most likely appreciate this whilst looking at your children’s sweet, innocent faces as they finally sleep whilst you’re actually able to take a moment to reflect).

Seriously though, having children is a gift. It is the most amazing thing that I’ve ever done in my life and something which I will forever treasure. The whole point of this blog therefore is to document my memories of Motherhood and to share an honest view point upon parenting.

So welcome to my blog, diary, journal, random ramblings or whatever you wish to call it. I’m hoping that by documenting the day-to-day of Motherhood (that said I cannot guarantee I’ll write daily!) we can share tips, tricks and support one and other to survive the parenting journey.


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