Keeping It Together With Mums Office Diaries

I am one of those Mum’s that cannot cope without my diary close to hand. I run by a schedule and have endless lists for this, that and the other all of which are neatly stored within my diary so that I can keep on top of the delicate juggling act that is parenting.

I’m One Of ‘Those Mothers…’

People often comment on how organised I am and without blowing my own trumpet I will admit that I am often that parent… You know the annoying Mother that seems to know when and where everything is happening. I have many a time been asked “What’s your secret Rach?…

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National Science Week With The Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Lab Kit

Did you know it was National Science Week this week? As part of the celebrations we were very kindly asked to join forces with ‘Project Mc2’ and carry out some experiments of our own with the ‘Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Lab Kit‘.

Our little lady may only be three-years of age but she already takes great pleasure in getting glammed up whether it’s having her hair styled, playing with her Mummy’s makeup or painting her nails. She was therefore delighted when we received the ‘Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Lab Kit’ to put to the test.

Project Mc2

Project MC2 (pronounced ‘Project MC-Squared) is an online (Netflix) American TV series set in the fictitious city of Maywood Glen, California.…

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#MySundayPhoto – I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Following a busy day behind the bar I jumped into the car and began my journey home. Whilst driving through the valley I couldn’t help but to notice the beauty which surrounded me.

The sun was gently glowing from behind the hedgerows casting a golden light upon the shimmering spring shower puddles, the flowers were in full bloom and the birds were twittering in the trees.

Spring has finally sprung and the countryside looks fresh following its long winters sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter months as I do the warm summer sunshine but there’s nothing quite like those mid-seasons. Spring and even more so, Autumn for bringing beauty and endless colour to the landscape in which we live.…

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Tech For Tots With Kidoland

Like most children these days my kids love their tablets and I’m not referring to the daily dosage of vitamin supplements that I sneak into their food.

Tablet Time

Whilst I don’t mind the kids using the IPads for educational and entertainment purposes I certainly have some strict rules and regulations when it comes to limiting their time and the content on their tablets. I keep a very close eye on what the kids are playing, viewing and using on their tablets as I am more than aware of the dangers of technology these days.

Thankfully I’ve found that there in fact are a range of apps which tick the parental boxes and are actually able to offer our children some form of educational entertainment which is a hole lot better than the endless hours of random surprise eggs and other youtube clips that kids seem to binge-watch these days.…

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#LittleLoves – Little Princesses, Lego & Lunch Box Madness

And just like that another week has flown by! I’m sure as hell that time speeds up as we get older because it feels as if I’ve barely slept since last Friday. Mind you saying that I haven’t really slept very well at all this week with E having caught the latest bug doing the rounds.

Thankfully E seems to be on the mend now but following a week sharing a bed with an octopus, I am still in Zombie mode so bear with me as I try to pull together a few #LittleLoves to share with you.


I’ve barely had time to fart this week never mind read a book!…

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