#TheOrdinaryMoments – Driveway Dreams

Parking on our driveway has never been all these easy, don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of room for two cars but it’s quite a tight fit and with other cars parked here, there and everywhere, we’re often left with very little room to maneuver and I’m always worried that one of us (most likely myself) could catch the wall and damage one of the cars.

Four years or so ago I was rushing to collect E from a taster day at what was to be her new primary school, in my haste I managed to misjudge where the wall in accordance to my car was and as a result, I tin-canned the Zafira.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Brews Under The Brolly

After weeks of none-stop dank, drizzly weather we finally had a sunshine day, just a day mind as any more than that would be pushing it.

Whilst it was still quite windy, the temperature was warm enough to warrant pumping up and filling the paddling pool, though only E was brave enough to actually get in. J decided he didn’t fancy getting cold nor wet, which I must admit was probably a wise decision. Instead, he opted to practice somersaulting on the trampoline whilst Paul and I enjoyed a brew under the brolly.

Sadly the sunshine was shortlived and it wasn’t long before dark clouds loomed, leaving us just enough time to get the washing in and to pack-up the cushions from the rattan furniture.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – House Trap

I don’t know about you but after twenty-something weeks of living in lockdown, it’s beginning to feel much-like Groundhog day. Each morning we seem to wake a little later than we should, the kids have a bit of tech time whilst I clean and tidy around the house, and soon enough it’s dinner time and half the day has gone by.

We spend our afternoons baking, drawing, colouring, crafting, or playing board games together before the kids find fun out in the garden or in their bedrooms by playing with various toys and games whilst Paul and I catch up over a coffee.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Comet Hunting

Being a bit of a space-buff, I was rather excited at the concept of seeing a comet in the sky. I clearly remember seeing the bright and beautiful Hale-Bopp comet streaking across the sky back in the late nineties, it was spectacular!

Having heard that Comet Neowise is apparently closer and bigger than the comets that we’ve seen during our lifetime, I was expecting a grand display in the sky, perhaps it would be even bigger and better than Hale-Bopp… or not.

With clear skies and perfect weather for stargazing, we drove half an hour away from home (to get a better viewpoint) and kept the kids up till way past their bedtime (and my own) yet we couldn’t see a single star in the sky.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Cut Back To Normality

With the current lockdown easing, we have started to see a glimmer of ‘normality’. Though I’m still incredibly cautious given that the Covid 19 pandemic is still far from over, this week saw the boys have their first hair cut since February and what a difference it has made!

Though Paul wasn’t keen on the idea of having his hair cut as he felt he didn’t really need a cut as he’d been styling and shaving his own hair for the past however many weeks, he too admitted just how good it felt to have his hair cut and it gave both J and Paul a sense of some sort of normality…

E and I have our hair cuts booked for the very end of July and though we will be going into the salon separately wearing masks and gloves, I’m sure it’ll be nice to get out and to do something which was once rather ordinary…

We are indeed living in a new normal, it’s not really a ‘normal’ that I’m fond of but I’m hoping that with time a vaccine will be created and we can return to living life rather than locking ourselves away.…

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