The Siblings Project – March 2021

This month has seen both the kids and us adults make a staggered but swift return to routine, I won't lie - I wasn't entirely keen on the idea of schools returning on such a large scale as I still don't feel nor believe that it's safe as of yet, not until all age groups have been given the vaccine and case numbers are far lower than at present will I allow myself to relax upon the issue. Nevertheless, the kids are both back at school and despite a few worries and wobbles that they each had, they seem to have settled back into the routine with ease. View Post

The Siblings Project – February 2021

It’s currently the February half-term holidays and as we technically cannot go anywhere or do much of anything as we are still ‘living in lockdown’, we’ve done our best to have a holiday at home. The kids are rather enjoying having a break from the books and I’m hoping that it won’t be too long before we can return to normality. Though I’m getting a little tired of refereeing the enitvitable sibling squabbles which seem to arise from time to time, the odd argument here and there is hardly surprising given that we’re all stuck sharing the same four walls… View Post

The Siblings Project – January 2021

Though we’ve had the odd flurry of the white stuff, in comparison to many other places around the UK we’ve not seen all that much snow as of yet this year. Earlier this week, the kids wrapped up warm for a winter’s walk, and despite scaring their Dad silly by slipping on the ice, both J & E rather enjoyed their escape from our ‘four wall fortress’. Though I'd love to see some more snow this year, I'm well aware that the moment it does 'dump it down' that the kids will want to be out with their sledges and given that our nearest hill is at the local park, it doesn't really seem a very sensible place to go to right now...  I was so hoping that this year would be better than the last but so far things just seem even harder and though I'm trying my best to keep smiling, it really isn't easy. Thankfully the kids are being so resilient and I'm super proud of their attitude and understanding during this god-awful pandemic, I just so hope that things can get back to some sort of 'normal' at some point... View Post

The Siblings Project – December 2020

According to that well-known song – ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’ and whilst the kids seem to agree with that concept, I’m not so sure… I’m still trying to come to terms with our recent loss whilst wading through piles of my late Father’s paperwork, it’s not what I’d class as a wonderful time but I’m hoping that with a decent amount of cheese, a few mince pies and a bottle or two of something sparkly I might just slip into the ‘seasonal spirit’, we’ll see… Despite it being a difficult time, it’s hard not to get… View Post

The Siblings Project – November 2020

Lockdown during the summer wasn't so bad in comparison to lockdown 2.0 during the late autumn -at least the weather wasn't so wet during the summer and the kids could spend time playing in the garden, whereas now it's dark, dreary, and darn right miserable. Still, we are doing our best to keep the kids entertained, and whilst clearing the cupboards we came across J's mini Fussball table which has since been given a whole new lease of life.  View Post