The Siblings Project – October 2020

It’s that time of year when I start to worry that almost all of my photos seem to be taken indoors. Though I’d usually try to snap some shots whilst out and about, we just aren’t getting out much of late as by the time the kids are home from school and have eaten their tea it’s dark and we’re happy hermits in the warmth of our four wall fortress that we call home.

Whilst I’d love to spend time out and about over the weekend, covid is making that almost impossible of late. Although the kids are at school and they mix within their bubbles, I don’t really wish to extend the risk by taking them out around the area – especially as we live in a tourist trap that attracts people from all around the country.…

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The Siblings Project – September 2020

September has been a new start for us all and whilst change is a good thing, it isn’t always easy to adapt to. J is now at senior school, whereas E is now a junior- sadly they means that they are no longer at the same school and though I’d expected for them to miss each other, I think that a few hours space each day is doing them both the world of good.

I’ve noticed that there aren’t so many sibling spats or squabbles these days and that they seem to get along even better than ever before!

I rather miss the luxury of all that time we had together during lockdown – I guess that from now on, we will be ‘living for the weekend’.…

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The Siblings Project – August 2020

I can barely believe that we are in August already – time feels to be slipping through my fingers and though we’ve had months at home, it doesn’t really feel all that long.

Whilst I have some lovely pictures of the kids, I don’t seem to have many of them together really, thus I’ve pinched a picture from my hubby which was taken earlier today to share for this month’s siblings project post.

I feel a bit bad as many of the pictures of the kids which my husband tends to take are often without my presence as I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with my folks offering assistance and care for my Father.…

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The Siblings Project – July 2020

This week marked the end of the infants for our little lady and the end of the juniors for our ‘not-so-little’ man. It’s all change apparently, which seems a little odd as not a lot has changed at all given that we are still in the midst of a lockdown.

It’s now the summer and holidays – a solid six weeks of freedom or maybe not… Unlike most years when we’ve had holidays booked and the suitcases at the ready, we daren’t even leave the house as of yet thanks to the pandemic. So it’s just us, the dog and the daily grind which is becoming ever so slightly monotonous five months down the line…

Nothing feels quite right – I keep seeing pictures of my friends visiting attractions and parks yet I just don’t feel comfortable with that idea just yet.…

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The Siblings Project – June 2020

As we’ve had hot weather of late, the kids have been enjoying splashing about in their paddling pool together. J & E love nothing more than to squirt and to splash each other until their screams are so shrill that I have to remind them that we have neighbours!

Whilst the kids are busy soaking one and other, I meanwhile tend to sit back on the sunlounger, well away from the bedlam thus avoiding being splashed or god forbid, getting wet. 

 Pool Pals

To say that we’ve been stuck in lockdown for twelve weeks or more and the kids have a four-year age gap, the kids have flabbergasted me with how well they have coped and have got along together.…

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