The Siblings Project – Side By Side (April 2019)

Our kids have such a beautiful bond, they may quarrel from time to time (at least once or twice most days if I’m honest) but otherwise they get along like a house on fire.

J has such a wonderful outlook upon life; he understands the importance of patience and understanding and is always willing to lend a hand and to offer his time to his little sister E. Likewise, E understands the values of sharing and compromise; put together they make the perfect pair.

J & E work well together as a team, they know each other inside out and happily play together for hours on end.…

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The Siblings Project – Happy Travels (March 2019)

Thanks to the weather, we’ve been stuck indoors for the majority of our spare time together, thus I haven’t snapped many shots of late. However, this recent photo of my crazy kids sat within close proximity to each other is a current favourite of mine and one which I thought I’d share as part of the Siblings project series.

Whilst we have a large people carrier with tonnes of space, I tend to use the Mini most often when out and about. The kids are quite content squeezed into the back seats and I’m far happier driving something a little smaller, speedier and let’s face it – far more stylish than an MPV!…

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The Siblings Project – Spring Smiles (February 2019)

Spring is just around the corner; already we are seeing lighter nights and slightly higher temperatures. The kids are especially glad to gain an extra hour or so of sunlight as they are now able to get out into the garden and to enjoy some fresh air after school.

It’s so lovely to watch J & E playing outside together, they may shout and scream like banshees but it’s all in the name of fun and play. I love standing by the sink, washing the pots and listening to the radio whilst watching J & E running around outside.

I am so glad that we re-vamped the garden with astroturf, if we should have had grass at this point in the year, it would have been unusable.…

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The Siblings Project – Cuddles On The Couch (January 2019)

I made a vow to take part in a range of linkies during 2019, one of which was the ‘The Siblings Project’, a monthly linky (run and hosted by Dear Beautiful) sharing snapshots of our children together. J & E have the most fantastic relationship and despite the odd squabble they get along like a house on fire.

It’s not often that J & E manage to share a snapshot together, they are forever playing together but that doesn’t always make for the perfect picture. This particular photo was taken by my Mum whilst our kids were out at a sleep over.…

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