#LivingArrows – Working For The Weekend 11/52 (2019)

As I said in my previous post, weekends simply aren’t long enough! It doesn’t matter how hard we try to get everything done and dusted there’s always appointments, places to be and things to do either in or out of the house.

If I were to list of all the things that we do over the weekend, I’d either bore you to tears or waste quite a few sheets of A4 paper. I am well aware that our schedule is a little squeezed over the weekend yet the kids are quite happy to muck in and to do their bit.

Having taken our little lady to her swimming lesson (which is a fifty-minute drive away), I was suddenly aware that I was driving what felt like a skip on wheels.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Rest, Reflect & Recharge

How is it that weekends go by in the blink of an eye? Two days simply just aren’t enough!

Whilst I was lucky to be left to laze in bed for an extra few hours yesterday, it didn’t seem to make a jot of difference, as I still feel completely and utterly exhausted no matter how much rest I seem to get. I really ought to get to bed earlier but I’m a night owl or perhaps a vampire, as I function far better in the darkness than the daylight.

By the time that the kids have had their tea, finished their homework, had a bath, read a story and are tucked up in bed, there’s only an hour or two before it’s bedtime for us.…

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#MySundaySnapshot – Scenic Stop 11/52 (2019)

Welcome to this weeks #MySundaySnapshot post, a recently launched blog-linky that you are more than welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you fancy taking part.

Having a child with travel sickness can be stressful for both the child and the parent, especially if you happen to the one behind the wheel. To avoid danger or disaster (by which I’m referring to my daughter plastering herself and the upholstery with puke) I’ve become accustomed to making a number of stops whilst on the road with my little lady.

Over the years I have found a number of scenic side-roads and stops at which our little lady can either have a short stroll, take a breather or empty the contents of her stomach whichever she pleases. …

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The Siblings Project – Happy Travels (March 2019)

Thanks to the weather, we’ve been stuck indoors for the majority of our spare time together, thus I haven’t snapped many shots of late. However, this recent photo of my crazy kids sat within close proximity to each other is a current favourite of mine and one which I thought I’d share as part of the Siblings project series.

Whilst we have a large people carrier with tonnes of space, I tend to use the Mini most often when out and about. The kids are quite content squeezed into the back seats and I’m far happier driving something a little smaller, speedier and let’s face it – far more stylish than an MPV!…

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It’s Finally Friday!

It’s finally Friday! I’m not sure whether it’s the god-awful weather or the fact that I’m absoloutly cream-crackered, either way I’m rather relieved that the weekend has arrived.

It’s been the most bonkers and bizarre week, there have been many points at which I’ve seriously wondered whether I’m either in the midst of a bad dream or worse – being filmed for some warped reality show.

Earlier this week for example, I took E to the hospital for an eye test. Said eye-test somehow resulted in me cracking my tooth and having to make an emergency visit to the dentist. This was followed shortly by a lengthy diversion in which E and I sat stationary whilst watching a Police Man being chased down the road by a bull … I was later told that the clothing which I had chosen to wear for the day was not only inside out but also back to front!…

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