#LivingArrows – Park Life 12/52 (2019)

What better after a busy day at school than a play on the park and a quick walk along the beach? Ice creams all round? Yeh – that would have been even better, only the beach cafe happened to be shut that afternoon, much to my children’s disappointment.

I’ve said it time and time again but we are so lucky to live where we do, the beach only a stones throw away – it makes for the perfect place to visit at the end of the day, somewhere to wind down before heading home.

I would once have to run around after the kids, helping them to climb up random obstacles whereas these days I’m more of an observer, they no longer require Mummy to run around after them, they keep each other entertained – J has even mastered the art of getting both his sister and himself onto the zip wire which is both sweet and rather scary to watch.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Unpack & Play

Every now and then we are sent products to review; usually toys, games and such-like for the kids, which they love to open and to share their thoughts upon – what kid wouldn’t? Whilst this photo will be used as part of an upcoming review, I thought I’d share it as part of the ‘ordinary moments’ series, as this has become something which they have grown used to over the years, yet something they still get incredibly excited about each and every time we receive a package to put to the test…

My kids are experts in unboxing and package peeling, they make swift work of the job that’s for sure.…

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#MySundaySnapshot – Daisy Delight 12/52 (2019)

Welcome to this weeks rather floral #MySundaySnapshot post. #MySundaySnapshot is a recently launched blog-linky that you are more than welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you fancy taking part.

Spring is in the air, which is about time as I’m done with winter weather! I’ve had it with being stuck indoors – whilst I love my house and the comforts which it contains, I cannot cope with being hostage to the weather.

As I stood, wrapped in a chunky-knit cardigan, watching the children as they played on the park, I noticed that my feet were surrounded by daisies.…

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#LivingArrows – Working For The Weekend 11/52 (2019)

As I said in my previous post, weekends simply aren’t long enough! It doesn’t matter how hard we try to get everything done and dusted there’s always appointments, places to be and things to do either in or out of the house.

If I were to list of all the things that we do over the weekend, I’d either bore you to tears or waste quite a few sheets of A4 paper. I am well aware that our schedule is a little squeezed over the weekend yet the kids are quite happy to muck in and to do their bit.

Having taken our little lady to her swimming lesson (which is a fifty-minute drive away), I was suddenly aware that I was driving what felt like a skip on wheels.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Rest, Reflect & Recharge

How is it that weekends go by in the blink of an eye? Two days simply just aren’t enough!

Whilst I was lucky to be left to laze in bed for an extra few hours yesterday, it didn’t seem to make a jot of difference, as I still feel completely and utterly exhausted no matter how much rest I seem to get. I really ought to get to bed earlier but I’m a night owl or perhaps a vampire, as I function far better in the darkness than the daylight.

By the time that the kids have had their tea, finished their homework, had a bath, read a story and are tucked up in bed, there’s only an hour or two before it’s bedtime for us.…

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