#TheOrdinaryMoments – Scoot and Skate

It’s been a while since the kids have been on their scooters and skates at the local roller disco. Now that we are back to school and routine has returned, we are back to our boots and scoots of a Friday evening.

E was given a brand, spanking new pink, light-up scooter for her birthday which she was delighted to take with her this week and once the lights are out, you can certainly see her coming now!

The kids tend to switch and swap between using their scooters, swing scooters, rollerblades, roller boots, and Healeys depending upon what they fancy riding at the time.…

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The Siblings Project – September 2019

I haven’t taken a huge amount of pictures this month, as since the kids have returned to school things have been a little hectic.

I’d forgotten how hard it was to fit a million jobs into the space of an evening, thus I’ve had to let a few things slide, shooting pictures being one of them.

This photo was taken earlier this week whilst the kids busied themselves with building Lego. I love how easily they can entertain themselves and each other with simple toys.

I find the more basic the better when it comes to toys and kids’ activities. Kids don’t need complicated or complex, neither do us adults for that matter as an easier life is a far happier one…


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#MySundaySnapshot – Pictures At The Park 37/52 (2019)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the #MySundaySnapshot blog series, a blog-linky simply to share snapshots that you are more than welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you wish to take part.

Over the past few weeks, I have shared a number of snaps, which were taken whilst we were spending time away with family.  As our trip to Alton Towers was probably the highlight of our summer, I decided to post a final picture of our view from the castle, back on that sunny day in August.

The temperature has certainly dropped since back then as we no longer are basking in the sunshine.…

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Friday 13th & Plans For The Weekend

Although I take a keen interest in all things spooky, I’m not the superstitious type. I’m therefore not too worried by the idea of it being Friday 13th, though given that we plan to go skating later, I’ll be sure to be careful!

After a wet, windy and miserable week weather-wise, the sun is now shining ready for the weekend. According to the news we are hoping for a late September heatwave, I’ve still got gallons of factor fifty to get through so BRING IT ON!

Paul and I have plenty to be getting on with over the next two days, I’ve got all sorts of errands to run, so many little things to get sorted which have been waiting for a while now, though I’ve got very limited time to do so.…

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How To Get Your Kids Super Interested In Learning

People need to have that education in order to get through life as smoothly as possible. Some are able to walk through everything without a shred of schooling, but most of us need to be taught stuff if we’re to get anywhere in life. If you have kids, then you know full-well that it’s pretty vital that they learn a thing or two. They’re pretty naïve and inattentive, so they’re going to need all of the tutorings they can get! 

Getting kids interested in learning about certain things is a pretty tough task, though. Again, some kids out there are naturally attracted to picking up knowledge and taking in lots of info.…

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