How to Find Your Fasting Diet

Although we live in the modern world of computers and the Internet biologically we are still creatures that inhabited the sandy savannahs many moons ago. This is one reason fasting diets are so successful for us today our bodies have evolved to last for long periods without food or nutrition. To take advantage of this evolutionary trait, read on to discover which fasting diet suits you best. The 16:8 Method The 16:8 method of fasting is one of the most popular ways to reduce your weight without too much effort. Although it sounds complicated it can be as simple as… View Post

#LivingArrows – Spring Has Sprung 09/52 (2021)

So here we are in March – spring has officially sprung and to celebrate the change of the season, that big yellow ball in the sky is shining bright. It’s a beautiful day outside and though we’ve spent much of our time racing around attending various online classes, carrying out homeschool tasks and all that malarkey, it’s now the end of the ‘working day’ and we can finally kick back and enjoy some rays. Springing into … Spring Park Play With Nana B With less than a week to go until the kids make a return to reality, I’m starting… View Post

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2021

I know that February is the shortest month of the year but it truly has flown by this year, I guess time flies when you’re having… fun? I’d love to say that we’ve been having fun and I guess that at some points during the month we have done just that, so why does it feel so wrong? Anyhow without any pondering any further into the depths of my mind, I will endeavor to list and discuss some of the many things which I (or should I say ‘we’?) have #LikedandLoved over the past twenty-eight days. Happy Hot Tubbing Our… View Post

#MySundaySnapshot – Fluffy White Clouds 09/52 (2021)

Welcome to this week’s #MySundaySnapshot post, which is part of a snap-sharing-blog-linky series that you are very welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you wish to take part. After what has felt like the longest winter in history, spring is finally on the way and I for one couldn’t be happier. I was sick of the long, dark, nights and I’m so grateful for the recent spring weather and the beautiful blue skies. I’m looking forward to next month when the clocks move forward by an hour and the evenings extend. Until then here’s a snapshot of… View Post

#LittleLoves – February 2021

It’s certainly been a fun-filled February, what with homeschool, a brand new hot tub, and of course we had the half-term holidays to enjoy. I say enjoy but in reality, I meant ‘to endure’… still, we’ve been busy and it’s good to keep busy! Read I’ll be honest, I haven’t read much of anything other than the news and my email, neither of which has been that much of interest – I really ought to find a new book to read but I haven’t really the time nor the inclination at present.  Watched Paul and I have watched numerous box… View Post