#LivingArrows – Manic Monday 7/52 (2019)

It hasn’t been the most relaxed nor restful start to the half term holidays. I spent this morning visiting the A&E department for a second set of X-rays to assess the damage done during a fall earlier last week, meanwhile Paul took the dog to the vets (where she was being spayed and having a lump removed from her head) then left the kids with my folks before rushing off to take the Mini for a service.

Having established that the fracture is in fact ripped ligaments, I then made my way to Tesco where I played trolley dash before meeting up with Paul and heading towards Asda for a bite to eat.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – On The Dunes With The Dog

The kids adore their pooch, they would happily spend all day and all night playing with their beloved basset hound. Likewise, Maisy loves nothing more than being by the kids side, whether that be snoozing on the sofa, lazing in the living room or whilst dashing across the dunes.

J & E will often argue over who gets to hold Maisy’s lead, it’s such a sweet thing to squabble over as Maisy couldn’t care less – so long as she’s by their side she’s a happy hound!

With winter waning and the weather becoming a little warmer, beach walks are back on the agenda.…

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#MySundaySnapshot – Spring Is In The Air 7/52 (2019)

Welcome to this weeks edition of the #MySundaySnapshot blog series, a recently launched blog-linky which you are more than welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you fancy taking part.

Spring is most certainly in the air; the birds are twittering, daffodils have started to spring from the hedgerows and whilst out walking, I spotted these beautiful snowdrops. I love this time of year as it feels so fresh, so clean and so new.

It won’t be long before the trees are thick with luscious, green leaves and flowers spread realms of colour throughout the hedgerows.…

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The Siblings Project – Spring Smiles (February 2019)

Spring is just around the corner; already we are seeing lighter nights and slightly higher temperatures. The kids are especially glad to gain an extra hour or so of sunlight as they are now able to get out into the garden and to enjoy some fresh air after school.

It’s so lovely to watch J & E playing outside together, they may shout and scream like banshees but it’s all in the name of fun and play. I love standing by the sink, washing the pots and listening to the radio whilst watching J & E running around outside.

I am so glad that we re-vamped the garden with astroturf, if we should have had grass at this point in the year, it would have been unusable.…

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100 Years, 1000 Memories

Yesterday marked what would have been my Nana’s one hundredth birthday. I was planning to write an entire post all about her but having spent the day at work then travelling fifty-minutes in the car through to the florist, followed by the cemetery, I was far too tired upon arriving home to do anything other than to slump on the sofa and to catch up with the kids.

It was a beautiful spring afternoon when I arrived at the cemetery, the sun was low in the sky and the entire town was aglow in the distance. I parked my very own Mini (which is the car which Gran was well-known for driving) close by her grave and made my way to her plaque with flowers in hand.…

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