Shuffling Through The Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck

Having recently read with and reviewed ‘The Empathic Oracle‘, I was very keen to get my hands on further work by Michelle Mortuzas. Printed by Red Feather/ Schiffer, The Shamanic Healing Oracle Card deck is a symbolic tool for intuition derived from the concept of Shamanism.


Shamanism has many interpretations throughout varying cultures. In the past and even the present, people would seek assistance from local Shamans if they sick or troubled, and as a result, these figures were often labelled as ‘witch doctors’ or misguided individuals who relied upon superstitious folklore lacking scientific proof.

These days, shamanism is seen as a tool to tap into energies which may assist with the struggles of daily life.…

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Winter Skincare Tips

The winter is here now, and it’s also a good time to go for nature walks and road trips; however, the dry air can be extremely damaging to your skin. It can dry it out and make it crack and look unhealthy as Christmas approaches. Avoid this by using the tips below. They include how to keep your skin hydrated and what products to use to prevent your skin from becoming cracked and sore. Everybody wants to look their best at Christmas time; read on to find out how.

Use Lukewarm Water

It can be tempting to take a piping hot shower in the morning before going outside or after coming in from the cold in winter.…

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#LivingArrows – Goodbye Grandad 47/52 (2020)

As a parent, I make it my mission to protect my kids from harm’s way, and as much as I try to shield them from hurt and from sorrow, sadly there are some things in life which I simply cannot alter nor protect any of us from. 

Though the kids have experienced the loss of a beloved pet a few years back, I was hoping and expected that losing a loved one would be an issue we would avoid until they are far older. Sadly that is not the case as last week my beloved Father lost his battle to brain cancer and as a result, J and E have lost their Grandad and though they are putting on very brave faces, I know just how much they’ll miss him.…

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Exploring The Empathic Oracle

Whilst I’m a keen tarot reader, I also like to delve into alternative methods of divination such as oracle cards – I often find that oracle cards often add an extra layer of information and clarification to a traditional tarot reading which can prove useful.

The Empathic Oracle

I’ve recently been reading with The Empathic Oracle, a fifty-six card oracle deck designed and created by Steve Wilson and Michelle Motuzas. Steve Wilson is an ordained Spiritualist Minister Shamanic healer, psychic teacher, and paranormal investigator, whereas Michelle Motuzas is a psychic medium, Shamanic practitioner, and intuitive artist and their combined work has resulted in a very simple but delightful deck.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Sleep Well Dad

This has been the hardest week in my life so far as I very sadly had to say goodbye to my darling Dad. After braving a ten-month fight with cancer Dad sadly lost his life last Thursday. Dad spent his final few weeks with us at home in a peaceful setting, surrounded by his family and we held his hand till the very end.

Whilst I’m completely and utterly heartbroken, I’m also rather relieved that his suffering has now ceased. There are simply no words to describe how I feel at present, I can only hope that time may heal my hurt.…

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