#TheOrdinaryMoments – Our Christmas Book Box

Around this time each year, I dig out the Christmas themed books ready for the kids to enjoy before bed.

Due to bedroom revamps, the kids no longer have sling/ display style bookshelves. They have cupboards filled with books but unless I either wave them in their faces or shove them directly under their noses it’s unlikely they would notice just how many books they have to choose from.

To make things a little easier, I’ve decided to create a ‘book box’ (which at present is seasonally styled) from which the kids can pick up a short story to share before they go to sleep.…

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#MySundaySnapshot – We’ve Got Christmas Covered 49/52 (2019)

Welcome to this week’s rather festive #MySundaySnapshot post, which is part of a snap-sharing-blog-linky series that you are very welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you wish to take part.

Well, we quite literally shopped till we dropped this weekend and I’m pleased to report that we officially have Christmas covered. I’ve still got my cards to write (which I’m hoping to get signed and sent before the week is out) then we just need to fill the fridge with festive goodies and we are ready to rock and roll.

We were given a ‘kid-free night’ this week thanks to my folks and whilst we’d have loved to have gone out and got merry, we just had way too much wrapping to do.…

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Senor Pepper – The ‘Must Have’ Grab & Go Game

It’s come to that time of year when board games suddenly rise in popularity as families sit down around the table to enjoy some festive fun by playing their latest purchases.

We were recently sent Senor Pepper, a brand new, fast-paced family board game from University Games to rate and review.

What’s The Aim Of The Game?

The aim of the game is to be the first player to grab hold of the correct amount and colour of peppers and it’s not easy!

Flip your card over, count the senor peppers required and get grabbing! As I said, it’s far from easy as there are a few catches: there aren’t enough peppers for every player, two colours may cancel each other out and players also need to avoid the trap to win the cactus juice as a reward!…

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#LivingArrows – Fabulously Festive 48/52 (2019)

Having shocked the pants off by me by decorating the tree without whining, falling out, sticking all the baubles on one branch or causing any issues whatsoever, these two little treasures have finally mastered the art of being fabulously festive without any fuss.

Once upon a time, we’d build the tree and before we were even able to wrap it with lights at least one of the kids would have been whining. We’ve had bauble bedlam, tears over tinsel and an almost full-on fight over who got to place the fairy on top of the tree…

The kids are obviously a little older and far more able to deal with decorations these days, they are no longer intent on causing chaos.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Decorating For Christmas

It’s official – December is upon us and it’s finally time for the Christmas countdown.

The kids woke early this morning to find that Rocko (the Elf) had returned in style by wedging himself into a toilet roll and rolling from top to bottom down the stairs. He had apparently written “I’m back” along the toilet roll and attached to his hand was a letter from the North Pole and £2 from the Tooth Fairy who he’d obviously bumped into whilst on his travels…

Having finally cleared up the trail of toilet roll, the kids were eager to open their advent calendars.…

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