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#LivingArrows – Little Miss & Mr Indepedent 43/53 (2018)

‘Day one’ of the half term hasn’t really panned out as I first planned. I’d have liked to have spent the entire day with my children enjoying our time together as a family. However, I spent this morning back in the local hospital having yet more tests to identify exactly what is going on in my body and to find some solutions for the future.

Following a rather lengthy chat with the consultant, I took myself for some retail therapy. After spending at least half an hour wandering around the aisles of Bits Missing aka B&M Bargains, I returned home with two advent calendars for the kids, a new notebook style diary for J and a couple of presents for an upcoming party.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Autumn Song

My phone is filled with endless amounts of seasonal snapshots. I simply cannot get enough of autumn, it is my all time favourite season. There is no need for any effects, filters or anything of the sort as the plethora of sharp, crisp, colours sing out like a song… an autumn song.

Autumn Song

“Wear your eyes as dark as night Paint your face with what you like Wear your love like it is made of hate Born to destroy and born to create

Now baby, what’ve you done to your hair? Is it just the same time of year When you think that you don’t really care?…

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Health Matters

Earlier last month I received feedback from the hospital regarding results for a procedure which took place in late August. I haven’t really gone into much detail upon this on my blog and don’t exactly intend to. However, I will happily share the good news that no further treatment is required as no malignancy was found.

I cannot express the relief which I felt in receiving that letter, I wasn’t sure whether to dance for joy or to scream in sheer delight. Instead I celebrated by deep-cleaning and de-cluttering the house, this may sound like a rather odd thing for one to do but it was my way of ‘cleaning and clearing my mind’.…

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Half Term Has Arrived

Half term has officially arrived and whilst I love my job, I have to admit that I’d been counting down to this moment for the past couple of weeks. I’m completely and utterly exhausted after almost seven weeks without stopping other than to eat, drink or sleep. The past couple of months have been endless with after-school activities, appointments, open evenings, chores and all kinds of chaos which have eaten into the majority of our evenings.

After finally finishing for the holidays, Paul and I kicked back for a rather rare child-free evening. Despite being kid-free, we barely had the energy left to get our glad rags on.…

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#LivingArrows – Awesome Autumn 42/53 (2018)

It’s been a funny few days, the weather has yo-yo’d from torrential rain to bright and beautiful. After almost twenty-four hours of none-stop, heavy rain the kids were about to go stir crazy. There are only so many board games that you can play , books that you can read, movies that you can watch and crafts that you can do before four-wall fever sets in.

We spent the entire of Saturday cooped up in the house, watching the pouring rain, whilst trying to keep ourselves entertained. Twenty-four hours later, the rain had stopped, the sun was shining and you’d never believe that less than a day before most of the local roads had been shut due to severe flooding.…

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