#MySundayPhoto – Moments Like These

It’s now late on Sunday evening and following a full filled weekend I finally have a moment to put my feet up, to grab the Macbook and to take five.

Sundays are meant to be a day of rest but given that I work for the majority of the weekend Sunday’s are far from relaxing or restful. I guess that’s why I cannot help but to steal a little time back whilst out running errands to gather my thoughts, to make peace with the World and to take a few snaps whilst I have some serious time out.

Theres nothing like a drive out, windows down, tunes on, wind through your hair as you soak up the scenery.… Read more from this post

#LittleLoves – My Dream Home, Jill Mansell & London Grammar Remixed

Friday is once again upon us, the weekend has officially arrived and what a busy weekend it’s going to be with work and a wedding to attend.

I’d love to be out right about now getting wasted at a bar whilst a live band plays and the kids relax at my folks. However, that isn’t the case this weekend as there’s simply too much to do and too little time to get it all done. I’ve never been a fan of Monday’s but this week seems to be the exception as I cannot wait for the weekend to be over.

Anyhow, returning to the reason for this post I will get my arse back into gear and list a few of my #LittleLoves from the past seven days, here goes…


Whilst organising and arranging the bookshelf at work I found myself drawn to a few books which I then pulled out, put aside and took home.… Read more from this post

Regretting Cerazette – Problem Pills

Having made the decision that our family was complete following the birth of our beautiful daughter E almost four years ago, Paul and I have spent the past few years experimenting with a range of contraception methods including the pill.

Originally back before trying for or having children I used to take Microgynon, a popular ‘combined contraception pill’ which suddenly seemed to sky-rocket in price or so I was told by my GP resulting in many women being offered a cheaper alternative, Rigevidon.

Shortly after having my second child I was transferred onto Rigevidon which may well contain the same active ingredients as Microgynon but having carried out a fair amount of research upon this particular pill it seems that it is manufactured differently.… Read more from this post

Life Isn’t All Peaches And Cream

Life isn’t all peaches and cream, I’m pretty sure from the outside my life looks pretty perfect but let me assure you that under the surface there’s far more to it than meets the eye.

For a start I’d like to make it really clear that there aren’t many people who actually know me as in really know me. I may come across all bubbly and brash but in actual fact I’m super sensitive and am very easily wounded.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and despite banter behind the bar, whilst out and about or across the playground I am easily offended, easily upset and super sensitive to comments thrown in my general direction.… Read more from this post

#LivingArrows – Beach Days 29/52 (2017)

Following a busy day at School there’s nothing quite like letting some steam off with a brisk walk down the beach. We are so lucky to live on the coast, the kids spend endless amounts of time running up and down the beach, collecting seashells, building sand castles, throwing pebbles and picking a few to paint once back at home. I on the other hand watch on as the kids have fun, sand between my toes, the sunshine upon my skin as the fresh air blows the cobwebs away. A simple stroll upon the sand can do wonders for the heart, soul and mind.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Purple Haze 

Whilst en-route to the shops earlier this week I felt the urge to pull over and snap a few shots of my surroundings. It was a warm summers evening, the sky was a pale blue and the impending sunset gave the clouds a purple haze.

There was an air of magic to the evening, whether it was the fact that I had a bottle of Rose chilling in the fridge awaiting my return or simply that Id had a great day with a good friend gabbing in the garden… either way things felt good.

BBQs, beers, tunes, family, friendship and fun all to be lavished whilst lazing in the summer sun, there’s nothing quite like it.… Read more from this post