I don’t even know where to begin with this post, I can’t for the life of me figure out what to write or where to start in order to explain what has been a rather incredible and overwhelming couple of days.

As Disney rather famously acclaimed (and as I continue to assure my children yet have failed to believe myself until recently) “If you can dream it, you can do it”. As it turns out my dreams have finally come true and whilst I am still finding it rather difficult to believe and to accept as reality, I am beginning to get to grips with the idea that life may not always give you lemons after all.…

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So the kids went back to School today and whilst I fully intended to dash around the house at double speed cleaning from top to bottom following a full on half term holiday I decided that a few hours curled up with a cuppa and the soaps wouldn’t hurt anyone.

As it turns out I’ve now caught up on a weeks worth of my all time favourite Aussie soap and after having a little rest I was far more motivated when it came to transforming what was a total tip into a house to be proud of.

Despite being known for being the ‘parent with the plans’ I must have lost my sh*t before half term because somehow it seems my kids also lost half theirĀ belongings.…

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Earlier this week my husband and I took the kids for a winter wander down to the local nature reserve, there we searched for mini beasts, splashed in puddles, threw bread for the ducks and took a look at the local Light House.

It may have been baltic outside but the kids didn’t seem to give two hoots as they were far too busy having fun in the fresh air.

Half term has flown by, we’ve barely stopped for breath throughout the week and in all honesty I’ll be glad for the rest once the kids are back at School. That said I’ll be sure to miss them like mad, though it’s three fifteen before I know it most days and there’s plenty to do both in and out of the house which is sure to keep me occupied.…

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As always I was intending to write more throughout the week but with it being half term I’ve done very little other than run around after the kids, keep the house in one piece, work and somehow manage to maintain my sanity.

I would love to say that I have that Friday feeling but as I’ve already explained in past posts, I tend to work throughout the weekend and therefore I have very few feelings other than exhaustion! I will therefore muster the very last ounce of energy that I have left within to write this here post listing my #LittleLoves from the week gone by.…

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I’m no stranger to the bog brush in this house. We have three toilets in total all of which it seems I am privy to polishing. It doesn’t seem to matter whose shit has ‘shit it up’, it’s always me left to scrub and quite frankly this Mother’s tired of cleaning crap.

I wouldn’t mind if it were just the kids that left their crap for me to clean but it seems the dog is now so senile that she has lost all control of her bodily functions. To add to the issue, the husband hasn’t yet figured how to fangle a bog brush either so as you can imagine I have quite a lot of shit to sort!…

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