I wish I could write more over the weekend but with work and everything else I just haven’t the time nor the energy to do much of anything.

I think the winter nights have a lot to answer for as like many people I suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as a result of which I lack energy, suffer with low moods and feel generally worn out and worn down during the winter months.

As you may have read I’ve started Yoga and have made a concerted effort to get myself out and about as much as possible to battle against the blues, yet come Friday when we were child free I found myself declining a night on the tiles in exchange for my pyjamas and the TV.… Read more from this post

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Friday is yet again upon us and despite being child free Paul and I have opted to stay indoors and to relax rather than venturing out into the cold spending cash on booze which we already have chilled in our fridge.

We could be out drinking, dancing and doing what we usually do on a ‘night off’ but I just wasn’t feeling it, whether it’s a waste of a night I’m not sure but I’m just in the mood for being social at present.

That said, I am more than willing to share my #LittleLoves from the past seven days and will endeavour to do so whilst blasting out some tunes and knocking back a Baileys or two.… Read more from this post

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Earlier today I enjoyed lunch with the ladies (my good friends Vicky and Viv) to celebrate Viv turning twenty-one yet again. It’s not often that we meet up but when we do whether it’s a few hours over lunch or a full day out on the razz we sure have some fun.

Having stuffed my face like a p-i-g I made my way to pick up the children whom were rather disappointed to see my ugly mug rather than their Nana. The kids are yet to adapt to my shift changes which often results in pleas to see their Grandparents on days which aren’t arranged.… Read more from this post

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It’s nippy now that it’s November, the heating has been cranked up, the washing line is no longer of use and the hats, scarves and gloves have become an everyday essential.

The children don’t seem to care less whether its hot, cold, wet or dry so long as they are able to get out and about to run amuck in the fresh air. They have limitless amounts of energy and a massive lust for life which is fabulous but they behave much like monkeys on crack which explains the endless tears, rips and scratches I’m forever fixing on their clothing and shoes. … Read more from this post

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Theres something incredibly satisfying about cleaning the entire house top to bottom, tidying everything to within an inch of its life and after three hours of hard graft then heading for a hot shower followed by a long soak in the tub.

It’s like having a workout without the DVD or the exercise class, that and after a few hours hard work I now have a clean house, it wont last for long I’m sure as the kids are due home from School shortly. Between the children and the dog it’s almost impossible to keep a clean, tidy house for long.… Read more from this post

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