Reviewing The Roblox Celebrity Toy Range

Like most nine-year old boys, my son J is very much into gaming and if he isn’t busy playing on a console then he’s either watching videos of other people doing so, or sat with paper and a pencil designing his own levels and characters for his own games.

J has a rather large collection of gaming based characters and figures, these are something which he seems to enjoy playing with and although I’m forever finding random figurines lying around the house in all kinds of places, if they keep his mind occupied and his eyes away from a screen then I can’t really argue!…

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A Super Sports Day

Earlier this week the children had their school sports day, this was a first for our daughter E as she in the reception class. As expected, E did us proud as she didn’t seem to care for the competition and jumped for joy upon arrival at the finish line despite not coming in first place.

I was half expecting a tantrum or tears at coming second, third or further down the line from first but E didn’t seem to care less and her enthusiasm and sheer pleasure in taking part was evident as she waved her arms at the finish line with a proud smile plastered across her face.…

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Telling Tales With Rory’s Story Cubes

Our children have the most amazing imaginations and take great pleasure in sitting and spending time dreaming up and writing stories. J, our eldest has even made a series of comics which he takes great pride in writing and illustrating.

We were recently sent a pack of Rory’s Story Cubes to rate, review and to share on this here blog as part of the Bloggers Board Game Club. I’d never come across Story Cubes prior to receiving these, neither for that matter had my children. Twenty-four hours and many stories later my children are head over heels with Rory’s Story Cubes.…

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Know Your Place

I’ve lived in and around this area for the vast majority of my life. It’s such a beautiful place in which to live but there’s an awful lot of downsides to rural life.

I may have spent time living the city life but I chose to return home as I couldn’t cope with the hustle and bustle, that and the fact I was struggling with terrible home-sickness.

Despite forcing myself to forge into becoming a city chick I never truly took to being in the big smoke. I did however enjoy the social side of city life, the endless activity which kept the city alive for twenty-four hours a day.…

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Five Reasons To Switch To A Virtual Office

With advances in technology going at lightning speed, with new innovative online tools and software available at a click of button, people are increasingly looking at different ways of working such as setting up a virtual office.

If you are a freelancer then a virtual office is going to be a very attractive way of working for the following reasons:

You can save money on premises

When you work in a large office environment, there are a lot of overheads related to the premises, including rent and maintenance that you can avoid through having a virtual office. As long as you have the internet, you can set up base practically anywhere in the world.…

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