#LivingArrows – Wading Through The Week 45/52 (2019)

Whilst some weeks seem to whizz by, others are a real trudge as I feel as if I’m literally wading through the week.

As I mentioned in my previous post; the kids weren’t so well over the weekend, thus they didn’t do a whole lot unlike Paul and I who spent almost every second of every hour cleaning, cooking or waiting upon our little lovelies. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love having kids and I love being a Mum but it can be really tough at times, especially so when illness occurs. As you can imagine, I’ve not exactly been snap-happy this week with being confined to our four-wall-fortress (aka spew city), thus the photo used this week was taken a few weeks back whilst out on a walk.…

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#LivingArrows – Baby You’re A Firework 44/52 (2019)

Bonfire night came early for us this year, as we visited a very short but sweet local display over the weekend. We’ve stocked up on sparklers and are all ready for round two tomorrow night, here’s hoping that the weather stays on our side and that we can enjoy the display without getting drenched.

Once over E was a massive fan of fireworks, so much so that when my Dad had asked her what she wanted for Christmas, her answer was simply “fireworks Grandad, I want fireworks!”. Thankfully my folks didn’t buy our then two-year-old fireworks for Christmas. However, shortly after (on New Year’s Eve) they rocked up with a box of you guessed it… fireworks.…

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#LivingArrows – Happy Halloween 43/52 (2019)

With just a few days to go before Halloween finally arrives, the children are all set to scare as they each have brand new costumes at the ready.

Having spent the past three years dressing as a witch, E decided that she fancied a change and so opted to become a Vampire… as you do.


J meanwhile has continued with his beloved ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’ theme, this year though we aren’t just going with facepaint but we now have a clingy costume with a matching latex mask to complete the look.

Our Boy As Bendy

The kids have already had the chance to dress in their outfits, as their Nana and Grandad very kindly took them along to a Halloween / Bonfire party at the weekend.…

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#LivingArrows – Swings & Somersaults 42/52 (2019)

It has been the most awesome autumn afternoon! Despite being chilly out, the sun was shining which made for a warm walk to the park with the kids and the hound.

After a quick play with her brother, E shortly made friends with a little boy and they proceeded to play together for the next hour or so.

I sat with the dog enjoying a little downtime whilst I watched E befriend the boy, it took her less than five minutes before she’d established his name and was bossing him about, though in the kindest way possible, god bless her.

E is such a sweety, she makes friends so quickly and should anyone ever be hurt, upset or lonesome, she will be sure to be by their side, offering her friendship and encouraging them to engage within whatever fun and games she can find.…

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#LivingArrows – Make Every Moment Count 41/52 (2019)

Life is short, so be sure to spend it with those that matter and to make every moment count.

Kids seem to know exactly how to live life to the max, they don’t care so much whether people are watching, laughing or commenting upon their antics. They are happy in their bodies, free spirits without the burden of the anxieties and worries that the adult society seems to carry like a heavy shroud.

Childhood is a time to be savoured, enjoyed and to be reflected upon fondly. These two kids of mine are a living reminder to live life for the moment and to savour every second.…

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