Blogging Mundane Over Madness

Each week I take J to his drum lessons and while he’s busy with his beats, I sit and occupy myself with reading, browsing the tinterweb or flicking through Facebook.

Blogging Mundane Over Madness

It’s half an hour per week, where I’m forced to sit still and to keep myself otherwise occupied whilst remaining quiet in the corner. I occasionally use this time to draft out a blog post, such as this evening for example.

I’ve not a whole lot to share nor a massive amount to report upon, life at present is a regular routine and though it may seem boring to some, I’m far happier with the mundane than madness.

I am however beginning to wonder whether my blog is even of interest to my readers now – the baby days are well and truly over and whilst my kids present plenty of challenges, parenting is pretty easy going leaving me very little other than lifestyle to document.

Don’t get me wrong, my life is far from boring. I barely have the time to sit down nevermind to blog, though when I do get a moment it’s quite nice to sit and write, though whether my writing is of interest or worth is another matter…



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