Relating To Readers

Writing a blog post can be awkward at times; there are things that you want to say, things that you wish to express and things you want to put out there all through the written form. Your words may be focused towards a particular audience or even a particular person but should you not word it right or post it at the correct point in time there’s every chance it’ll either get mis-read, misunderstood or missed entirely!

I often have particular people in mind as I write, whether that be fellow Mums, fellow parents, colleagues, family or friends. It is therefore rather a surprise when a stranger takes the time to comment upon or email me regarding a post.

Relating To Readers

My blog isn’t all that popular in comparison with most, whose comparing though right? I’m simply saying I find it rather exciting to receive email from readers I have not yet met though have somehow related to or have apparently inspired.

I just don’t see what I write to be if any interest to most people, I often wonder why I bother at all. Yet the moment I consider throwing the towel in and calling it a day, I hear back from a reader whose found comfort in my work and suddenly I feel encouraged to continue.

So for now I will continue to type the odd post from time to time and to make the best use of my Macbook by writing from the heart.



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  1. Anonymous
    August 16, 2018 / 7:44 pm

    That’s all that matters Rachel! Always writing from the heart. XX

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