The September Slump

I’ve often wondered whether I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as once the temperature drops and the dark nights roll in, I seem to start suffering from tiredness, lethargy, and low mood.

Although I love the autumn months, I’ve just not been feeling myself of late. I try to beat the blues by taking a stroll, having a drive out, listening to Music, having a snooze on the sofa or a soak in the tub but nothing seems to be shifting the funk which I currently seem to reside within.

I live each day by my diary, my calendar and my trusty to-do lists, all of which are pretty chocka-block at present but keep me organised and motivated to trudge on through.

I’m not sure whether it’s the weather, general exhaustion or just life in general, but I feel as if all I want to do right now is to curl up under my duvet and to sleep it off. Maybe I just need an early night, here’s hoping so as I’m fed up of feeling fed up!



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