Wishing For The White Stuff & More

We had snow earlier this week which was a rather welcome surprise for my little lady, she is now four and half years old yet has never seen the white stuff until now. There wasn’t enough to go sledging nor was there time given that the roads were clear and the School was open. She did however have the chance to build a snowman along with her class friends which we were sent picture evidence of to treasure.

Wishing For The White Stuff & More

I only wish the snow could have lasted a little longer and have been slightly deeper as I would have loved to have been able to take both E & J out sledging for the day, there’s time yet I guess.

The children blattered me with snowballs as I scraped the car ready for their journey to School that morning. I allowed them the pleasure as I knew it would be short-lived and would melt away only hours later much like their hopes of sledging.

Wishing For The White Stuff & More

The snow may have melted but winter is still in the air as was apparent when I drove through flurries of the white stuff whilst on my way to my Yoga session last night. I was half hoping for it to settle but after a couple of hours stretching and a moment when I must have over stretched which has since resulted in me walking akin to John Wayne I drove home without a flake to be seen.

Is it just me or has the weather changed over the years? Living up North I’ve experienced some seriously heavy snowfalls throughout my childhood yet these days we seem to get nothing other than rain and flooding as a result, which is hardly anything to celebrate nor to enjoy.

Wishing For The White Stuff & More

Looking on the bright side at least we have plenty of water, that said we are still on a meter which will no doubt cost us a fortune this year given that the Water Sure Scheme is now out of the window now that our tax credits are no longer. Excuse my rather ‘Victor Meldrew’ outlook upon life but I find it difficult to find a bright side even on the sunniest of days, especially at present as life feels much-like an uphill struggle.

I keep holding out hope for things which no matter how hard I try never seem to materialise. Rather than dragging myself through the endless disappointment I’ve found that setting myself up to expect failure seems less soul-destroying in the long run.

Having sat down and discussed my dreams with my other half this week I was reminded to appreciate the things that I already have, to stop dreaming so big and to be happy with the present. I guess I just need to stop dreaming and to get real…

Whilst I may have lost every ounce of my self belief and confidence over time I work damned hard to instil my children with confidence , enthusiasm and the belief that they can be anything they want to be and can do anything they want to do if they put their mind to it. Like most parents I want the very best for my children, they are my World and I have every confidence and every belief that they will achieve their dreams and more.

Retiring from my rant and returning to the original point of this post, heres hoping that we see more snow, at least enough to get the kids out on their sledges, to build yet more snowmen and to have some ‘frozen fun’ as a family.



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