Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Oh, the weather outside is frightful but the central heating is so delightful…and since I’ve got no place to go, let it rain, let it pour and let it blow!

We are currently in the midst of ‘a storm’ or what us hardened ‘Northerners’ refer to as ‘a larl bit of wind and rain’. It’s typical winter weather for wet and windy Cumbria and other than getting a bit wet whilst out and about, then finding that our bins had been blown over, it’s just another day.

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

I don’t mind staying indoors throughout the winter, I’m not a big fan of getting cold. Once Christmas is done and the new year has come in I’ll be counting down the days until the spring arrives. There are only so many dark, damp winter days that I can cope with before wishing for lighter nights and warmer weather.

Oh to sit in the garden and to watch the children having some fun in the fresh air. I can’t wait for a few sunshine days, all these dark mornings and dark nights are starting to get me down a bit. I’m hoping that come springtime we can get the kids a new trampoline (ideally with basketball hoops attached to each end) for them to bounce around on, that and some garden furniture for us adults to recline and relax upon.

I expect (and hope) that we see some snow before spring, it’s been years since we’ve had a decent dump as my Dad would say. We’ve got the sledges stored in the garage but they’ve not seen snow since E was in utero!

Until then I will remain either indoors or have my rain jacket at the ready!



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