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Prior to having our son J, my parents very kindly bought us a JVC HD Everio video camera on which we spent hours recording footage of our little man as he grew before our eyes.

Back then almost nine years ago the JVC video camera was top of the range, it was fairly bulky and required many cables to either charge, connect to a computer or send images to a television screen. I kept the camera along with its cables and many cards within a rather large bag which I carried almost everywhere with me.

It’s hard to believe how technology has advanced since back then as these days I capture almost all of our video footage using my trusty IPhone which is compact, light and can do far more than shoot video.

I’ve always enjoyed recording, editing and publishing video footage, so much so that nine years ago I began uploading our videos to YouTube mainly for storage purposes but over time I began getting into what was then and is still known as ‘Vlogging’. I created a number of pregnancy, baby and parenting based Vlogs some of which are still floating around on my channel, others however were deleted due to a past work requesting the removal of my videos from YouTube.

Back then YouTube was fairly new and for many reasons misunderstood. Thankfully as technology has advanced social media has become an accepted way of life, YouTube especially so which is why after many years away from ‘Vlogging’ I chose to make a return.


When I first began recording and uploading vlogs there were very few parent Vloggers especially within the UK. However, these days it seems that there is an abundance of parenting and lifestyle Vloggers and bloggers making it almost a competitive market rather than a hobby to enjoy.

Never the less I made it my mission to return to YouTube at the beginning of the year and have stuck to my promise by uploading over twenty odd videos to my YouTube channel in order to get ‘up to date’ and have since created a couple of Vlogs to go alongside these updates as part of my return.


Whilst technology may have changed YouTube doesn’t seem to have altered that much other than the extensive user numbers which is now attracts. Whether my videos will attract any of those viewers is another thing which I’m yet to discover.

Should you fancy watching any of my videos which are far from professional and may be a little boring but I’m hoping to improve within time then be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.



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