Having A Valentine’s Vent

Having A Valentine's VentWhat is it with Sunday’s ? You wake up, register that it’s the last day of the weekend and instantly feel low. All of a sudden your weekend feels as if it’s over when it’s actually only half done. Suddenly all those jobs you’ve been mentally listing throughout the week must get done and they must get done today, damn it!

Realistically you have a hope in hells chance of actually ticking all those boxes before Monday lands but God loves a trier. It’s especially funny if you’re  desperately trying to carry out said chores whilst entertaining children, you can kid yourselves that your lovely little ones are sugary sweet little helpers, but you and I both know that you may as well be sweeping leaves in a whirlwind. In other words, what’s the point in even trying ?

In a nutshell that’s my day today, the knowledge that there is so much to do and such little time.

There’s even less time as if I’m honest, this morning I was a lazy cow and laid in bed till past eleven. Well, it is Valentine’s Day and what greater gift can your fella give to you than sleep? I’m hoping this doesn’t mean I have to return the favour in keep tonight as I’m too bleeping busy (yep I’ve heard through the grapevine that Valentine’s Day is also known as blow job day…). I don’t think “sorry love but the lounge needs painting and I have a website to finish” will come across as very romantic.

Happy Valentine’s folks

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