Taking The Little Ones Abroad – Your Dos & Don’ts

For children, going away on holiday is the most exciting time of their lives. Nothing beats the thrill of jetting off to somewhere new, where a huge pool and unlimited food awaits them. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure the kids stay safe and enjoy themselves – here are some helpful times to make your travels as easy and pleasurable for everyone as possible.


DO choose a fun destination

Taking The Little Ones Abroad – Your Dos & Don’ts

When deciding where to go on holiday, it’s important you take into account what the kids want. Sure, you’re going to be in favour of a relaxing break away from the stresses of everyday life, but they’re going to be seeking activity and excitement from the get-go! Consider an all-inclusive holiday resort complete with pools, entertainment and perhaps even a kids club – that way, if you do need that time to yourself, you know they’re looked after and enjoying themselves without any need to worry. Alongside this, think about things to do outside of the hotel! Change your surroundings with a day trip or excursion to somewhere new. It’s a break from the norm and will likely teach your little ones something about the area you’re staying in.


DON’T pack the wrong things

 Depending on what the climate is like wherever you’re travelling to, it’s highly important that you know the right things to take with you. Clothes need to be appropriate and provide protection against the beating sun rays during the hottest periods, and there needs to be enough outfits to last! Make sure there’s a range between casual and smart, too – if you’re eating out somewhere, you’re going to want to dress up a bit. And don’t let the little ones pack their own bags, as you never know what they might try to bring. Do it with them and consider the necessities as well as the fun stuff.


DO provide entertainment

Taking The Little Ones Abroad – Your Dos & Don’ts

Nowadays, it’s likely that your flight will have movies and programmes to watch during the journey, but it’s important to ensure the kids will remain occupied until you land. Nothing’s worse than hearing “are we there yet?” repeated for hours on end! Tablets are a great way to keep them busy, with films and games available to download for offline use. Consider books, too – they’re not dead just yet. A guide to wherever you’re travelling to is both educational and exciting.


DON’T forget the medicines and toiletries

 Although you’re probably going to be able to purchase them out there if need be, it’s so important to bring with you a range of lotions, bug sprays and medicines both for yourself and the little ones. Insects abroad can potentially carry diseases and illnesses, so spray yourself and the kids regularly with repellent to keep them away. Lotions should really be at least a factor 50 – especially on the face – so that you lower the risk of burning, which could eventually lead to skin damage. And, of course, travel sickness tablets and paracetamol are staple medicines that can help at any time, so try to keep a healthy amount of them stashed in your bag for any eventuality.


DO encourage the kids to mingle

 As previously mentioned, kids clubs are a perfect way to both give the little ones something new to do and provide you with a moment to breathe and unwind. If you’re staying in a hotel it’s likely that there will be loads of children looking for some new friends, and here is the perfect place to find them! The staff running the club are experts at providing fun and games for the kids – so much so that they probably won’t want to leave at the end of the day.


DON’T lose them

Taking The Little Ones Abroad – Your Dos & Don’ts

It’s not uncommon to be very protective of your little ones in busy spaces, whether it be at home or on holiday. When travelling through airports or through busy cities during your stay, try to have some form of identifier on their person just in case worst does come to worst. Consider purchasing ID wristbands that you can write your name and number on, so that you can easily be reunited if they do unfortunately get lost. It’s a very unlikely thing to happen, though, so don’t let the thought of it ruin your fun!

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