Staying Safe On The Roads

I think it’s safe to say that it can be easy to take driving for granted. We live in an age where the vast majority of us has a car easily at our disposal and we therefore start to rack up the miles each week, be that as a driver or a passenger.

Slater and Gordon, who are experts in all things personal injury and road accident claims, recently launched their Safe Journey Guide in the hope of prompting people to consider their safety every time they get in a car and it got me thinking…

Just how often do we stop and think about the condition of our cars? For a lot of us we don’t deal with hazards until they become a real problem and we actively notice there’s an issue but shouldn’t we always check out a vehicle before we get in it? From tyre pressure to water and oil levels and the quality of the breaks, general wear and tear can start to take it’s toll.

In a recent survey carried out by Slater and Gordon they revealed that 83% of people believe the safety of passengers in a car is the driver’s responsibility. Whilst it’s true that if you’re driving you have a level of care to your passengers that doesn’t mean that we aren’t capable of checking a car before we get in it. Would you get in a car if it didn’t look safe?

It’s also interesting to hear other peoples own driving habits. I feel like we all pick up little things that we do when we get behind the wheel. For some of us it’s impossible to drive without the radio on, some people have specific ‘driving shoes’ and I know so many people who end up with a tanned right arm from laying their hand on the window ledge as they drive in the summer!

Staying Safe On The Roads

Although it can be easy to take our road safety for granted and presume that an accident will never happen it’s always better to take precautions. I know I would much rather take a couple of minutes before my journey to check everything was in order if it meant it saved a life!

Do you have any obscure driving habits? And how often do you check the condition of your car? Let me know in the comments.

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