Spain In The Rain

Whilst packing for the holidays last week it seems I was a little too efficient as somehow I’ve packed the British weather! Here we are on day three-ish of our holiday and it’s absoloutly hammering it down!
Spain In The Rain

The kids are happily soaking up a little down time and if I’m totally honest they are due a break from the sun. Give it a few hours and we will hopefully be back to sunning ourselves by the pools. Until then I’m making the most of being able to wear no lotion, I’ve been suffering from watery, sore eyes once again which isn’t too bad unless you happen to wear eyeliner…that’ll be me then!

Majorca is lovely, a little quiet for my liking but as I keep being reminded I am on a family holiday and therefore midnight shutdown is to be expected. I’m no Cinderella though, I much preferred the nightlife in Benidorm last year. Benidorm was bouncing until the early hours so even if the kids were sparko under their sheets you could sit out on the balcony, drink in hand watching the World go by. Alcudia is far quieter, that and our hotel (which I could only describe as Butlins in the sun) is a fifteen minute walk from civilisation.
Spain In The Rain
For those of you planning a trip to Majorca steer clear of Club Mac unless you fancy spending your holiday in a basic room, either that or stood in queues for lifts, drinks, food, the toilet or to speak to the manager to complain of course…
I guess a holiday is what you make it and Victor Meldrew here needs to lighten up a little. The kids on the other hand are loving it; the pools, the entertainment, the food not so much but still they seem happy and thats what it’s all about right?!

Here’s hoping the rain clears up and the sun gets its backside into gear sharpish!



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