Pothole Pandemonium

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of off-road driving but it’s not as if I own an off-road vehicle nor plan to purchase such a thing. Driving around my local area though is much like an off-road driving experience as the roads are quite literally falling to pieces. There are endless amounts of potholes dotted here, there and everywhere, some of which are wide enough and deep enough to cause devastating damage to your vehicle or worse, a serious accident.

Thankfully, I have decent suspension as otherwise both my children and I would be rattled around like beans in a tin during each and every drive.  It’s not as if I drive expensive cars but still, I pay my road tax and would therefore expect for my roads to be of a decent condition to drive upon. If I did happen to drive an expensive car, I certainly wouldn’t wish to take it out upon the roads around here, they simply aren’t safe nor fit for a smooth drive.

Pothole Pandemonium

Our roads are forever being shut whilst the local councils patch up the potholes. These road closures cause havoc around the area as drivers are then expected to make almost sixty minute detours to their desired destination. This costs motorists in both petrol and time, which is hardly worth the effort considering that it’s only weeks before the potholes usually reappear.

As our roads are in such a state of wreck and ruin, it won’t be long before my tyres will be likewise. I’m rather conscious that tyre health plays a vital role in vehicle safety. Given that I drive my children to and from school each day, I regularly check our tyres to be sure that there is no significant damage or wear which could calamity.

Both my husband and I ensure that we keep our tyre tread of a safe level and replace worn tyres immediately. Whilst we have tended to make use of local services/ garages throughout the years to replace tyres, I have recently started looking into alternative options such as TyrePlus.

Pothole Pandemonium

At present our roads are much like patchwork blankets, this isn’t such an issue as the weather is currently in our favour but give it a few months, when the rain returns and I for-see pothole pandemonium!

I’m well aware that us Northerners are ‘last in line’ when it comes to road repairs. I’m just wondering how bad things need to get before our roads are actually replaced, rather than endlessly repaired with ‘temporary tarmac’.

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