Lady Lucks Naffed Off To Benidorm!

Well, it didn’t take Lady Luck long to pack her bags and ‘do one’. Almost as soon as I finished writing my previous post filled with all the wonderful things which had been happening to us, I was delivered a great pile of crap from the gods above. It all began when HolidayGems contacted us to let us know that they could no longer honour the price that had originally quoted us online as “it simply wasn’t possible”.

I spent ten to fifteen minutes on the phone speaking arguing with some guy that seemed to think that it was highly amusing that I had ever believed it to be possible to achieve an all-inclusive holiday for the price that their website had actually quoted. …

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When Lady Luck Comes To Town

I seem to have struck it lucky over this past week, the stars must be aligned or some other rubbish but whatever has been going on to send Lady Luck my way I am not complaining that’s for sure! She is forever welcome in this house, we need all the luck that we can get.

It began at the weekend when my friends and I visited Cartmel Races. I decided to put a few bets on the horses as you do after all when in Rome… I have never bet upon the horses in my life before now unless you count a few tickets on the Grand National over the years.…

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