Car Tyres Safety On The School Run

I do love the weekend, there’s something rather satisfying about switching the alarm off and sticking two fingers up to the school run. Seriously, sitting in the back of the our car whilst on the school run must feel like Top Gear for tiddlers.

I’m no Jeremy Clarkson but I certainly find myself lacking a filter when it comes to squeezing our people carrier between a double-decker bus and some tool whose unaware of their girth and has parked half a mile away from the pavement.

Why they’ve plonked a Primary School on the narrowest road imaginable I have no idea, not only is the road lacking in space but over the years vehicles seem to have grown in size.…

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Disney Parks Tips And Tricks

The Place Where Dreams Come True

Disney really is the place where dreams come true. It certainly seems to be a destination where plenty of our dreams have been made a reality.

As a child my parents took me to Disneyland in California, we spent two fun-filled days touring the park, riding the coasters and spending ‘Mickey money’.

Thirteen years later Paul took me to Paris for a week away, he began the holiday by ‘popping the question’ at the top of The Eiffel Tower and continued the magic by taking me to Disneyland Paris. It was the most romantic, amazing, and magical holiday which proved that Disney is certainly not just for children!…

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Top Tips For Travelling With Kids

Feeling In Need Of A Holiday

I feel like I am currently being tested by life and failing miserably. There are so many things going on in our lives right now that I am finding it hard to keep track of the day-to-day chores never mind keeping organised.

My brain is overflowing with information, none of which is very positive. I could really do with a holiday right about now to take time to gather my thoughts, recharge my batteries and to get back to being myself. How is it though that in reality a holiday especially with children seems more like hard work than enjoyable?…

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Back From The City To Home Ground

We are now back from the city after an amazing weekend in London. We somehow seemed to fit all of the activities planned and more into just two days which is no mean feat for a family of four.

I am so very proud of the kids for coping with the journey, it was an incredibly long drive and they both behaved impeccably, especially considering that we spent almost two hours sat stationary in traffic. I will be sure to purchase an IPad headrest holder for the next time we plan to travel so far, there is only so long I can lean against an IPad case without getting a sore neck!…

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London’s Calling

It’s been ten years since we last visited London, a lot has changed since back then. We are now married, have moved house and are parents to two beautiful children. I can’t wait to show them the big city, especially to take them to the all-famous toy shop ‘Hamleys’ and watch their jaws drop at the sheer size of the place never mind its contents.

We are planning to drive down with as many stops as possible considering that we have a rather travel sick little lady. Hopefully we can ‘skip the sick’ and make it through the journey without any Dramas, wishful thinking hey?…

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