Mayhem In Majorca

I’ve finally loosened up and got into the holiday spirit, the spirits mainly being those from the all-inclusive bar but whatever works right?

Majorca is beautiful but a little too quiet for my liking, despite being a Mum to two I’m a party animal at heart and this islands missing the party entirely! Next time I book a break I’ll spend a little longer reading travel reviews and be sure to find a location with a little more life night life for a start!

Following waking to grey skies and rain (not what we had expected weather wise) we opted for a wander around the complex to keep the kids occupied.…

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Spain In The Rain

Whilst packing for the holidays last week it seems I was a little too efficient as somehow I’ve packed the British weather! Here we are on day three-ish of our holiday and it’s absoloutly hammering it down!

The kids are happily soaking up a little down time and if I’m totally honest they are due a break from the sun. Give it a few hours and we will hopefully be back to sunning ourselves by the pools. Until then I’m making the most of being able to wear no lotion, I’ve been suffering from watery, sore eyes once again which isn’t too bad unless you happen to wear eyeliner…that’ll be me then!…

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Flying Fears

I’ll be honest I flipping hate flying which seems odd considering that I spent my childhood years flying regularly throughout the years with my folks to holiday destinations here there and everywhere. Back then though I was fearless as kids are, these days especially since becoming a parent myself it’s a different story.

I quite enjoy take off but following that so much as a tremor of turbulence and I’m a gibbering wreck. There’s nowt like having children to give you an anxiety attack or two. Prior to having kids I would happily fly here there and everywhere without batting an eyelid but the idea of anything happening to my little ones has been a total game changer in terms of travel and it’s not just flying that gives me knots in my stomach it’s the everyday journeys to and fro in the car or worse still, motorway journeys … As you can imagine I spend far too much time worrying myself stupid over issues which are beyond my control.…

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Taking The Little Ones Abroad – Your Dos & Don’ts

For children, going away on holiday is the most exciting time of their lives. Nothing beats the thrill of jetting off to somewhere new, where a huge pool and unlimited food awaits them. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure the kids stay safe and enjoy themselves – here are some helpful times to make your travels as easy and pleasurable for everyone as possible.


DO choose a fun destination

When deciding where to go on holiday, it’s important you take into account what the kids want. Sure, you’re going to be in favour of a relaxing break away from the stresses of everyday life, but they’re going to be seeking activity and excitement from the get-go!…

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Staying Safe On The Roads

I think it’s safe to say that it can be easy to take driving for granted. We live in an age where the vast majority of us has a car easily at our disposal and we therefore start to rack up the miles each week, be that as a driver or a passenger.

Slater and Gordon, who are experts in all things personal injury and road accident claims, recently launched their Safe Journey Guide in the hope of prompting people to consider their safety every time they get in a car and it got me thinking…

Just how often do we stop and think about the condition of our cars?…

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