#MySundayPhoto – Castles In The Sky

I’m not sure I’m all that keen on September, don’t get me wrong I love autumn and all that comes with it but at present, I feel as if I’m constantly on the go and that summer is just a distant dream. I am forever looking back at our holiday pictures wondering where shall we go next year? I’m not sure whether a week is long enough as the time flies and you’re left with what I can only describe as ‘the holiday blues’ upon return.

It’s been over a month since we flew out to Spain and already I feel in need of another holiday.…

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Know Your Place

I’ve lived in and around this area for the vast majority of my life. It’s such a beautiful place in which to live but there’s an awful lot of downsides to rural life.

I may have spent time living the city life but I chose to return home as I couldn’t cope with the hustle and bustle, that and the fact I was struggling with terrible home-sickness.

Despite forcing myself to forge into becoming a city chick I never truly took to being in the big smoke. I did however enjoy the social side of city life, the endless activity which kept the city alive for twenty-four hours a day.…

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Conquering Canada

When thinking of the USA, a lot of people forget about little old Canada. It’s a gem that is often overlooked due to it being surrounded by the mainland USA. However, it’s important to remember that it’s completely separate from the US, so if you’re going to conquer Canada, there are different rules and regulations that you need to follow to get into the country.

Always make sure you have the right visa before travelling, and always make sure you’re not bringing anything into the country that they wouldn’t allow… they’re very very strict! So, without further ado, here’s how your can conquer Canada.…

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Pothole Pandemonium

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of off-road driving but it’s not as if I own an off-road vehicle nor plan to purchase such a thing. Driving around my local area though is much like an off-road driving experience as the roads are quite literally falling to pieces. There are endless amounts of potholes dotted here, there and everywhere, some of which are wide enough and deep enough to cause devastating damage to your vehicle or worse, a serious accident.

Thankfully, I have decent suspension as otherwise both my children and I would be rattled around like beans in a tin during each and every drive.  …

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Fun In The Sun In Majorca

Less whining more wine … that certainly seems to be the way forward whilst staying at Club Mac, Majorca. The more booze the better, anything to mask the reality of the hotel which is akin to Benefits Britain. Saying that the kids are having a blast, they’ve been spoilt rotten with horse rides, mini golf, swimming, parks, rides and slides, fancy hair dos and crap loads of ice cream.

We got up early today and made our way down to the lake where ponies merrily plodded around the water carrying kid after kid. Having queued (yet another blinking queue) we plonked our little ones on a pair of ponies apparently named Danni and Laura and walked by as they clip-clopped twice around the lake.…

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