Mini Driver!

This weekend my husband and I travelled ‘up north’ to collect our rather marvellous Mini. I could barely sleep for the excitement and despite having next to no rest, I woke bright as a button ready and raring to go! To celebrate our purchase, I’d spent time baking mince pies the evening before we were due to leave; it may not be Christmas just quite yet – but I feel as if all my christmas’s have come at once so mince pies were a must. I have always dreamt of having a Mini but never really believed that it would ever happen.

Arriving at Arnold Clark, I could barely contain my excitement, I instantly spotted our shiny new car and couldn’t resist jumping in for a closer inspection. The poor salesman had his ear chewed off as I waffled at a million miles per hour, desperate to get hold of the keys and to get going!

After transferring the funds and signing my name on the dotted line, we were good to go. Paul and I then made our way to the Mini, spending a good five minutes getting to grips with the controls before hitting the road. The drive was incredible, never before have I felt so sturdy in a car. This motor moves like stink! Put your foot near to the accelerator and you’re off in an instant, with six gears, turbo power, DAB radio, and only £20 road tax per year to pay, I am in car heaven!

As with all cars we have owned, we have of course named this motor. With a registration of YJK, we were originally considering referring to this car as ‘You’re joking’. However, we have since changed the name to something far shorter and simpler, so without further ado, I am pleased to introduce you to ‘Mini Driver’.

Heres to making dreams come true and to many Mini adventures ahead!

Mini Driver


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