Mini Adventures

I’ve dreamt of owning a Mini ever since I was a child, when I was ferried back and forth in a range of different coloured, classic Mini’s by my Nana and Grandad. The new mini’s are simply stunning and are far safer than the classic mini whilst respecting their design by keeping both the shape and style of the original cars.

Being a parent of two, Mini’s didn’t seem particularly practical, up until they released the five-door Mini a few years back. When it comes to cars, I have always opted for darker colours, ideally black. We may well look like we are driving a funeral parlour fleet, but I think black is classy! A five-door, black Mini would therefore be my dream car. This weekend we travelled up the coast to Cockermouth, where we  test drove a Mini and were given a range of ridiculous quotes for buying new.

Mini Adventures

After discussing our options and trawling the internet for several hours, Paul and I have found the perfect little Mini which we plan to collect next weekend. We weren’t planning to replace our current car this year, but having far too much time and pennies on never-ending repairs for our rather tired and dated 05 Fiesta, we felt the time was right.

I cannot express how excited I am at the concept of having our very own Mini sat on our driveway, this is something that I have dreamed of for many years and come this time next week it will be real.

Bring on the Mini adventures!

Mini Adventures



  1. November 8, 2018 / 9:17 pm

    oh yay that is so exciting. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I love minis too but my dream was to have a boot open like a door 😉 I really wanted a Suzuki jeep thing when I was young

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