Mayhem In Majorca

I’ve finally loosened up and got into the holiday spirit, the spirits mainly being those from the all-inclusive bar but whatever works right?

Majorca is beautiful but a little too quiet for my liking, despite being a Mum to two I’m a party animal at heart and this islands missing the party entirely! Next time I book a break I’ll spend a little longer reading travel reviews and be sure to find a location with a little more life night life for a start!
Mayhem In Majorca

Following waking to grey skies and rain (not what we had expected weather wise) we opted for a wander around the complex to keep the kids occupied. They had a couple of goes on the trampoline bungees then enjoyed a play on the park followed by lunch at the Lake.

Mayhem In Majorca

The rain eventually eased off and so we made our way to the pool but it was still brass monkeys and despite wearing an extra layer or two I spent the entire time smuggling peanuts so made a hasty retreat to the room where I had a long soak in the bath to thaw out.
Mayhem In Majorca
Having spent last night at the hotel which infuriates me as I cannot bare being stuck in the same place for too long we ventured out into town for some light relief. We spent the evening strolling along the marina soaking up the sights whilst perusing the local market stalls. Having seen all that was for sale we made our way to the Guinness Bar for a few bevvies before heading back to the hotel.
Mayhem In Majorca

Upon arriving back at the over-rated holiday camp we found ourselves faced with crowds of boozy Brits rolling around like skittles on skunk… Benefits Britain sprung to mind and with that we made a narrow escape to the cafe for a few hot chocolates before heading up to bed.

There may be nine pools and the endless entertainment but the clientele leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t get me wrong there are a few families like us that are here to have fun in the sun with their families whilst enjoying the odd drink or two. However the majority of the guests would make ideal candidates for the Jeremy Kyle show, most likely some of them may have already been on it!

I’m no snob but I’m certainly no ‘sharv’ either! I have standards though, thankfully the kids aren’t quite as judgemental as me and seem to be having the time of their lives! Oh to be young and to wear rose tinted glasses, it must be great to get pushed around in a buggy whilst demanding the moon on a stick hey?

We are hoping to escape the confines of the all-inspewsive tomorrow for a trip to the local water park which should be fun so long as the weather plays ball.

I’m now off to catch up on a few Zzzzzs before yet another early rise for breakfast with the inmates masses.



  1. August 11, 2017 / 6:54 am

    We went here years ago and it was the same then, drunk parents letting their children run wild. I also thought the complex was just too big and busy and not very relaxing. We do like majorca and are off to Santa ponsa next year, it is a bit lively – but family friendly. When we were there we went to the pirate show, the waterparks, day trips to the caves and spent a lot of time at alcudia beach. I hope you manage enjoy the rest of your holiday X

    • August 11, 2017 / 8:23 am

      Thanks we were going to do the pirates but at like £200 for the family we will give it a miss lol

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