Flying Fears

I’ll be honest I flipping hate flying which seems odd considering that I spent my childhood years flying regularly throughout the years with my folks to holiday destinations here there and everywhere. Back then though I was fearless as kids are, these days especially since becoming a parent myself it’s a different story.

I quite enjoy take off but following that so much as a tremor of turbulence and I’m a gibbering wreck.
There’s nowt like having children to give you an anxiety attack or two. Prior to having kids I would happily fly here there and everywhere without batting an eyelid but the idea of anything happening to my little ones has been a total game changer in terms of travel and it’s not just flying that gives me knots in my stomach it’s the everyday journeys to and fro in the car or worse still, motorway journeys …
As you can imagine I spend far too much time worrying myself stupid over issues which are beyond my control.
Flying Fears

Saying that today’s experience has been the complete opposite, I was a bag of nerves right up until take off when I suddenly found myself able to relax thanks to a set of very loud headphones and some feel good summer tunes.
I’m hardly walking on sunshine but I’m certainly a whole lot more chillaxed than past years. As for suggestions of visualising ‘Cast Away’ or ‘Lost’ well you can get lost yourself !!!


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