Farewell Fi Fi La Brum

Thirteen years ago my Mum and I drove down to the Sheffield to collect what was to be my second car, a brand new Ford Fiesta. After making our way to the DC Cook showroom, we then waited while the registration plate was drilled into place and the documents were transferred into my name. I was then able to drive away in what was a brand new car.

Having spent five years driving a Fiat Punto, I felt rather spoilt to be sat in a brand, spanking new motor. I therefore took extra care of this car, thus she was in fabulous nick when we handed her over (or part-exchanged) to Arnold Clark this weekend.

This car meant the World to me; she was the motor in which Paul and I brought our first basset Molly home from Carmarthenshire in. Fi Fi was also the car in which we drove away from our wedding venue and to the airport for our honeymoon in. She brought our new born son, J home from the hospital and she later took us on our first family holiday abroad. Fi Fi La Brum has driven up and down motorways UK wide, taking us from A to B with next to no problems, and despite being thirteen years old, she only had a couple of small scratches and 56,000 miles on the clock!

I will miss this little motor, ‘Fi Fi La Brum’ was the warmest car I have ever had. I could literally stick her heaters on and seconds later would be toasty behind the wheel. This car could cope with wind, rain, hail, floods and snow, whatever the weather she was good to go.

Heres to you Fi Fi – Thanks for the memories xxx

Farewell Fi Fi La Brum

“All roads lead to somewhere. So if you feel lost, just keep driving.” 

D Habinck (age 11)