#StoppingDistance – Car Care & Being Aware

I don’t know about you, but when I’m out and about on the road with the kids in the car, I suddenly feel far more safety conscious. It’s as if I’m driving with the crown jewels in the back seat, yet in reality I’m driving with two precious children worth far more than the crown jewels thus have good reason to be cautious.

#StoppingDistance - Car Care & Being Aware

My husband and I ensure that both cars are serviced at least once a year and given a full MOT testing. We also keep a close eye upon the wear and tear and the pressure of all four tyres, although I’m still not completely comfortable with the idea of driving a car without a spare tyre on board.

Treads & Tyres

Gone are the days that you see people sat on the roadside with a jack in one hand and a spare tyre in the other. I realise that by removing the spare tyre from a car boot, you are essentially lightening the load, thus reducing fuel usage and increasing storage space but as it is – I’d much rather have a spare tyre than space for my shopping!

I’m not entirely sure what I’m meant to do with the tube of sealant or whatever it is provided in the boot, but I’m sure as heck that should I ever get a flat tyre, that it would be as much as a chocolate fire guard! For that reason alone, I’m quite considering becoming a member of the AA (the motor service not the other AA) or the RAC.

Stopping Distance

Tyre safety is incredibly important as it affects the safety of your vehicle and stopping distance, especially during the winter months.

The average speed limit in the UK is 30 mph, the average stopping time and distances doubles in wet weather, yet in snow and ice the stopping distance can multiply by almost ten times that amount! Many people are unaware of the statistics regarding tyre safety and stopping distance, the following video is therefore well worth watching.

To Summarise

It really is worth taking car care into consideration, especially if like me – you happen to carrying passengers. Each and every life is precious, it’s not worth taking the risk, so stay safe and keep on top of your car – not by sitting or the roof rack or bonnet bathing but by ensuring you have regular services, MOT’s and checks upon your vehicle carried out.

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