Kid Friendly Caribbean: A Break The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

When it comes to planning holidays for the whole family, the Caribbean may not be the first place that springs to mind. However, the Islands that make up this region of the Americas can actually be a great choice. Both for entertaining the kids, and for ensuring parents get a well deserved relaxing break as well. Read on to find out more. 


One of the best things about the Caribbean is a fantastic climate. In fact, apart from a brief rainy season, you can expect hot weather most of the year-round. Especially in tourist-focused locations like the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Guadeloupe.  …

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#StoppingDistance – Car Care & Being Aware

I don’t know about you, but when I’m out and about on the road with the kids in the car, I suddenly feel far more safety conscious. It’s as if I’m driving with the crown jewels in the back seat, yet in reality I’m driving with two precious children worth far more than the crown jewels thus have good reason to be cautious.

My husband and I ensure that both cars are serviced at least once a year and given a full MOT testing. We also keep a close eye upon the wear and tear and the pressure of all four tyres, although I’m still not completely comfortable with the idea of driving a car without a spare tyre on board.…

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Mini Driver!

This weekend my husband and I travelled ‘up north’ to collect our rather marvellous Mini. I could barely sleep for the excitement and despite having next to no rest, I woke bright as a button ready and raring to go! To celebrate our purchase, I’d spent time baking mince pies the evening before we were due to leave; it may not be Christmas just quite yet – but I feel as if all my christmas’s have come at once so mince pies were a must. I have always dreamt of having a Mini but never really believed that it would ever happen.…

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Farewell Fi Fi La Brum

Thirteen years ago my Mum and I drove down to the Sheffield to collect what was to be my second car, a brand new Ford Fiesta. After making our way to the DC Cook showroom, we then waited while the registration plate was drilled into place and the documents were transferred into my name. I was then able to drive away in what was a brand new car.

Having spent five years driving a Fiat Punto, I felt rather spoilt to be sat in a brand, spanking new motor. I therefore took extra care of this car, thus she was in fabulous nick when we handed her over (or part-exchanged) to Arnold Clark this weekend.…

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Mini Adventures

I’ve dreamt of owning a Mini ever since I was a child, when I was ferried back and forth in a range of different coloured, classic Mini’s by my Nana and Grandad. The new mini’s are simply stunning and are far safer than the classic mini whilst respecting their design by keeping both the shape and style of the original cars.

Being a parent of two, Mini’s didn’t seem particularly practical, up until they released the five-door Mini a few years back. When it comes to cars, I have always opted for darker colours, ideally black. We may well look like we are driving a funeral parlour fleet, but I think black is classy!…

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