The Fast & The Furry – Zhu Zhu Pets & Accessories Review

Being an ‘animal loving’ household we are forever being asked if and when we can get this, that and the other despite already having a dog the kids seem adamant that we need more pets. As for Paul and I, we are quite happy with just the dog especially at present given that she is twelve years old and sadly struggling to walk therefore taking up a massive amount of our time and effort.

Zhu Zhu Pets

Thankfully technology has provided us with alternative options, options which require no feeding, no walking, no cleaning and none of the commitment that comes with a real-life pet.…

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Loving All Things That Glitter With Series 4 Num Noms

As you can imagine having two children doesn’t make for a tidy house, our living room could often be mistaken for Toys R Us, either that or a bomb site depending on the time of day.

We have endless amounts of toys, most of which do get played with at some point. However, there are a select few toys which come out on a daily basis and seem to keep the kids entertained which gives us adults a short amount of time to sit, relax and to sip a hot coffee in peace. Who am I kidding?! As if… any time to ourselves is usually spent playing catch up on the household chores but there’s always wishful thinking!…

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Super Strategy Fun With ‘Hey That’s My Fish’

As you may have read in past posts, my family and I are big fans of board games. Each and every Sunday following a busy bar shift I return home to spend a few hours of quality time with my husband and children before we get ready for the week ahead. Whether it’s a movie, board games, painting or simply sitting together we make sure that we take the time to sit together, to enjoy each others company and to have fun as a family.

The Blogger Board Game Club

We were recently selected to become part of the ‘Blogger Board Game Club’, an online group which takes part in the reviewing and sharing of a range of games each and every month. …

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Yeti In My Spaghetti – Fun, Simple & Easy Games For Kids

Each and every weekend my family and I put some time aside to spend together to either play games, watch movies or carry out some kind of team activity.

Yeti In My Spaghetti

We were recently sent ‘Yeti In My Spaghetti‘ from University Games to play, review and to share with my readers. Yeti In My Spaghetti is a hands on, practical game for two players and over, ideally suited towards children aged four years and over.

Included within the Yeti In My Spaghetti game is:

1 x Spaghetti Dish 30 x Noodles/ Plastic Spaghetti Strands 1 x Plastic Yeti 1 x Instruction Sheet


The Aim Of The Game

Players must place the noodles/ spaghetti strands in a criss-cross fashion across the dish then place the Yeti on top.…

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Sensory Success With The Stretch Scooby Doo Toy

Our son J loves to sit and fiddle with things, he has a short attention span at the best of times and as a result we often find him playing and tinkering with toys slightly differently to how most children might play.

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that J sees things slightly differently, nor that he plays differently to most children, it’s just how he is and so long as he’s happy then that’s all that matters really.

There are a few toys however that J seems naturally drawn towards, those stress ball type, malleable toys which allow J to pull, poke and fiddle with to his heart’s content.…

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