Taking A Dip With The Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll

Disney has a lot to answer for as our daughter E is mad about anything mythical, whether it be fairies, unicorns or mermaids for that matter. E was therefore delighted to receive the ‘Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll’ from Zapf Creation to rate and review for my readers.


The Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll

Being the typical ‘girly girl’, E enjoys spending time playing with her dolls, especially those which have special tricks such as crying, babbling, urinating or even better, swimming! The Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid doll does precisely this which makes for the ideal bath toy.…

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Are You Ready2Robot?

Being a family of techno-freaks, we are rather taken by the idea of robots. I’m sure it won’t be long before AI is an everyday normality and not just a novelty. For now though we will make do with toys, our kids rave about robots and were therefore overjoyed to receive a range of ‘Ready2Robot‘ products to play with.

Included within our Ready2Robot goody pack was a ‘Ready2Robot Survivor Battle Pack’, a ‘Ready2Robot Bot Blasters Set’ and a ‘Ready2Robot Build Swap & Battle Single Series Figure’, all which are part of the series 1 collection.


Ready2Robot features a range of Mech Bots, Pilots and weapons which children can mix and match to create their very own ‘custom robots’.…

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Make ‘N’ Break – Family Fun With The Perfect Party Game

Years back our son J became rather obsessed with the Angry Birds game, which he played not only on a tablet but also in reality through practical play. J would spend time building all kinds of structures from wooden blocks which he would then destroy using soft, plastic ‘ball pool’ balls.

Eventually Angry Birds released a range of spherical, plush toys and building sets which J was delighted by as it made playing far more realistic, in that it mimicked the game which he so adored. Years down the line J is still batty about his birds although tends to spend his time either drawing or animating his own work rather than throwing balls at blocks.…

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Perfecting The Perfect Pony Tail With The My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Styling Head

Our five-year old diva E is all about the glitz and the glam. Not only is she mental about ‘makeup’ but she’s also potty about her ponies, by which I mean she adores My Little Pony with a passion.

As you can imagine, E was therefore elated to receive a wonderful ‘My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Styling Head‘ to review.

The My Little Pony ‘Rainbow Dash’ Styling Head

Children can spend time practicing and perfecting the art of hair styling. With over fifteen accessories included, this fabulous Rainbow Dash Styling Head has a long mane of multicoloured hair ideal for little ones to brush, style and accessorise.…

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Reviewing & Playing With The Peppa Pig Cash Register

Imitation and copying through role play is a valuable method of learning for your children. As our daughter E was brought up with having shop keepers as Grandparents, it was inevitable that she’d want for her very own shopping trolley, stock, shelves and of course – a till!

Whilst E has spent years playing with a rather dated ELC till, we were recently sent a rather fabulous update – the Peppa Pig Cash Register!

The Peppa Pig Cash Register

This fabulously funky till features all the accessories any little one requires for playing shop keeper. Children are able to scan their items and listen for the ‘beep’, they can then calculate the cost of their shopping with the functioning calculator and pay their debt by using either ‘Peppa pounds’ or the bank card via a contactless beep function.…

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