The Siblings Project – April 2020

Back in the day when we were expecting E, we’d often joke that we had planned a second child simply to provide a playmate for our firstborn. Just to make it completely clear – this was absolutely not the case at all! However, I must admit that ‘having two’ has its benefits as my kids certainly keep each other entertained, whether it be having fun or having feuds, they have each other at least. Being an only child myself, I’m well aware of the battles with boredom, especially throughout the summer holidays and suchlike. I can, therefore, imagine how difficult… View Post

The Siblings Project – March 2020

It’s not been the easiest month for so many reasons, yet my beautiful children continue to surprise me with endless amounts of resilience and positivity. From baking biscuits to colouring pictures and even leaving me little messages of love, my kids have truly kept me going and for that, I cannot thank them enough.  I feel so bad that I haven’t been around quite as much as I should be for my kids of late. I swear that my Mother-in-law deserves a medal as, without her, I simply do not know how we would have managed this past month. The kids,… View Post

The Siblings Project – February 2020

I have such clever little kids! After what was an incredibly draining and difficult week, both J & E gave me the biggest lift and the biggest smile by winning their school’s lighthouse award (which is akin to the star of the week if you will). I must admit it seemed slightly unusual that they were both given this award in the same week but it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, they are both shining stars and deserve a trophy for being such treasures. As I said above, it’s not been an easy time of late but my little… View Post

The Siblings Project – January 2020

We are only a fortnight into the spring term and already it feels as if Christmas was a lifetime ago. I don’t know about you but I really miss the twinkly lights, the festive food and that lack of time awareness – it didn’t matter what date, day or time it was – it was simply time enjoyed with family. With J’s recent operation, the wet weather, and school starting back we haven’t really been out much since the new year. Most of my photos, therefore, have been taken in and around the house, I must appear to be a… View Post

The Siblings Project – December 2019

I really couldn’t ask for two kinder, more caring kids than my pair. They each have a heart of gold and whilst they may bicker from time to time, they play perfectly together for the most part. I love how they take care and look out for each other. When shopping they will often see bits and bobs which they will point out and pick up as ideas for one and other, it’s such a delight to see. That said when it comes to watching television there is often tension as each of them has differing preferences for programs. J… View Post