The Siblings Project – June 2020

As we’ve had hot weather of late, the kids have been enjoying splashing about in their paddling pool together. J & E love nothing more than to squirt and to splash each other until their screams are so shrill that I have to remind them that we have neighbours!

Whilst the kids are busy soaking one and other, I meanwhile tend to sit back on the sunlounger, well away from the bedlam thus avoiding being splashed or god forbid, getting wet. 

 Pool Pals

To say that we’ve been stuck in lockdown for twelve weeks or more and the kids have a four-year age gap, the kids have flabbergasted me with how well they have coped and have got along together.…

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The Siblings Project – May 2020

I’m so glad that my children actually get along, I couldn’t for one minute imagine having had to spend the past eight or nine weeks locked in a house with endless sibling squabbles… cough

It’s been far from easy but let me assure you, the kids have been the least of my worries! J & E have both been as good as gold these past few months, which is admirable considering the stress that they must be under from the endless covid 19 news coverage (even though we shield them as much as possible from this) and the fact they are missing their family, friends and daily routine.…

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The Siblings Project – April 2020

Back in the day when we were expecting E, we’d often joke that we had planned a second child simply to provide a playmate for our firstborn. Just to make it completely clear – this was absolutely not the case at all!

However, I must admit that ‘having two’ has its benefits as my kids certainly keep each other entertained, whether it be having fun or having feuds, they have each other at least.

Being an only child myself, I’m well aware of the battles with boredom, especially throughout the summer holidays and suchlike. I can, therefore, imagine how difficult it must be during the lockdown for only children and keep reminding both J & E just how lucky they are to have each other during this difficult time.…

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The Siblings Project – March 2020

It’s not been the easiest month for so many reasons, yet my beautiful children continue to surprise me with endless amounts of resilience and positivity.

From baking biscuits to colouring pictures and even leaving me little messages of love, my kids have truly kept me going and for that, I cannot thank them enough. 

I feel so bad that I haven’t been around quite as much as I should be for my kids of late. I swear that my Mother-in-law deserves a medal as, without her, I simply do not know how we would have managed this past month. The kids, bless them, have spent most afternoons with her followed by evenings with my husband as I’ve been occupied dealing with other issues that require my support. …

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The Siblings Project – February 2020

I have such clever little kids! After what was an incredibly draining and difficult week, both J & E gave me the biggest lift and the biggest smile by winning their school’s lighthouse award (which is akin to the star of the week if you will).

I must admit it seemed slightly unusual that they were both given this award in the same week but it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, they are both shining stars and deserve a trophy for being such treasures.

As I said above, it’s not been an easy time of late but my little ones seem to pull me through.…

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