The Siblings Project – November 2019

It hasn’t been the nicest of November’s so far what with the wet weather, a sickness bug and the dark nights but we’re marching through the month as best we can.

It’s just been too wet, too cold and too dark to play outside which has lead to us suffering from a serious case of four-wall-fatigue. I quite like snuggling on the sofa watching television with the twinkly lights shining, a candle burning and the heating on full but I can only hack the winter hibernation for so long.

The Siblings Project - November 2019

The kids are worn out bless them, they’ve had so much on recently with school and all their extra-curricular clubs and activities that by the weekend they’re just too tired to tango.

Saying that we’ve got plenty planned before we dive into December; a 101st birthday, a children’s party, the Dickensian festival (which is known locally as Dickfest much to my amusement), and of course there’s that movie being released that our little Princess has spent all year waiting for … Oh good lord – I’m not quite sure whether I’m ready to ‘let it go’ for a second time, the first time around cost me enough!

On that note, I’d best go check the cinema listings and find a space in our schedule for Elsa and Anna (and whoever else they should throw into the mix to make money on merchandise from).

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful



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