The Siblings Project – May 2020

I’m so glad that my children actually get along, I couldn’t for one minute imagine having had to spend the past eight or nine weeks locked in a house with endless sibling squabbles… cough

It’s been far from easy but let me assure you, the kids have been the least of my worries! J & E have both been as good as gold these past few months, which is admirable considering the stress that they must be under from the endless covid 19 news coverage (even though we shield them as much as possible from this) and the fact they are missing their family, friends and daily routine.

Life is a whole heap different for us all but the kids have taken the lockdown and all that’s been thrown our way in their stride. They are such resilient little people, they truly are remarkable.

The Siblings Project - May 2020

We’ve had a few screaming matches when one or the other hasn’t wished to play a particular game and the odd bout of tears when someone’s taken a tumble on the trampoline or such-like but otherwise my kids have just got on with things as best as they can.

We’ve homeschooled each day, we’ve taken daily exercise, we’ve baked, we’ve crafted, we’ve played games, we’ve watched movies, we’ve done all sorts of stuff!

I will admit I’ve relaxed my technology time allowance but so what? We’ve been stuck inside for almost three months and if tech helps to distract my kids from the four-wall fortress that we are confined within and to while away the time then so be it!

Whilst I’m starting to relax the rules a little, I’m still very much sticking to a routine. The kids need routine more than ever right now – the World as they knew it changed almost overnight and so keeping a healthy, regular, and reliable routine is helpful not just for the kids but also for us adults too.

The World is in a real mess right now, I sure as hell have never known anything quite like this before and I hope to god that I nor my kids ever witness anything of the sort again. It’s a crazy time though my kids are currently the calm within the chaos.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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