The Siblings Project – March 2021

This month has seen both the kids and us adults make a staggered but swift return to routine, I won’t lie – I wasn’t entirely keen on the idea of schools returning on such a large scale as I still don’t feel nor believe that it’s safe as of yet, not until all age groups have been given the vaccine and case numbers are far lower than at present will I allow myself to relax upon the issue. Nevertheless, the kids are both back at school and despite a few worries and wobbles that they each had, they seem to have settled back into the routine with ease.

The Siblings Project - March 2021

Though I know many people detested homeschool and the challenges that it presented, I on the other hand greatly enjoyed educating my children from home and will rather miss our time together now that homeschool has come to an end. It’s going to be a bit weird without the kids now that I’m part-time and Dad is no longer. I dropped my hours in early October time so that I could care for my Dad and help my Mum during Dad’s illness but now that he’s no longer with us it leaves me at a bit of a loose end… 

I’m sure I’ll find plenty to do around the house once lockdown is over and who knows, I may even get to enjoy luxuries such as trips to the shops, hairdressers appointments, or maybe a coffee and catch up with a friend. Still, I’ll miss the kids – it’ll be so quiet without them around! On the bright side, I may just get to enjoy a little peace and quiet in the hot tub without the giggles, screams, and splashes that endlessly erupt when J & E jump in. 

At least now the kids are back at school they get to spend a little time apart, here’s hoping that time should reduce the tension a little and allow each of them to spend time with their own friends rather than driving each other up the wall. With a little luck, our house may be fractionally more harmonious than over the past few weeks when I’ve felt very much like a referee calming their tempers as they’ve bickered over the most trivial of matters. I blame lockdown as they’ve been stuck in the same four walls, under the same roof for almost a year now and it’s just not normal!

It won’t be too long and we’ll be celebrating Easter and enjoying a fortnight without the worries of school, homeschool, or such-like. Here’s hoping that the next few weeks go well and that the virus continues to dwindle and that we are able to return to some sort of normality. 

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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