The Siblings Project – Happy Travels (March 2019)

Thanks to the weather, we’ve been stuck indoors for the majority of our spare time together, thus I haven’t snapped many shots of late. However, this recent photo of my crazy kids sat within close proximity to each other is a current favourite of mine and one which I thought I’d share as part of the Siblings project series.

The Siblings Project - Happy Travels (March 2019)

Whilst we have a large people carrier with tonnes of space, I tend to use the Mini most often when out and about. The kids are quite content squeezed into the back seats and I’m far happier driving something a little smaller, speedier and let’s face it – far more stylish than an MPV!

I love how the kids cram themselves into their car seats, it reminds me of when I was a kid and I’d bounce around in the back of my Nana’s Mini – there were no seat belts, car seats or any of that malarkey – fluffy blankets and soft toys aplenty but not a single safety precaution in sight!

I love listening to the kids sing along to the radio, play I spy or chat and giggle as we drive to and from places. They are such incredible kids, they have such awe-inspiring and at times odd ideas. Following and trying to understand their train of thought certainly makes travel less tedious!

Having kids is a journey in itself, the most exhausting, terrifying, taxing, amazing rewarding and truly incredible journey you will ever take.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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