The Siblings Project – June 2020

As we’ve had hot weather of late, the kids have been enjoying splashing about in their paddling pool together. J & E love nothing more than to squirt and to splash each other until their screams are so shrill that I have to remind them that we have neighbours!

Whilst the kids are busy soaking one and other, I meanwhile tend to sit back on the sunlounger, well away from the bedlam thus avoiding being splashed or god forbid, getting wet. 

 Pool Pals
The Siblings Project - June 2020

To say that we’ve been stuck in lockdown for twelve weeks or more and the kids have a four-year age gap, the kids have flabbergasted me with how well they have coped and have got along together. J & E sure are pool pals and I’m so proud of their patience, understanding, and progress throughout what has been an incredibly testing time.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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