The Siblings Project – July 2020

This week marked the end of the infants for our little lady and the end of the juniors for our ‘not-so-little’ man. It’s all change apparently, which seems a little odd as not a lot has changed at all given that we are still in the midst of a lockdown.

It’s now the summer and holidays – a solid six weeks of freedom or maybe not… Unlike most years when we’ve had holidays booked and the suitcases at the ready, we daren’t even leave the house as of yet thanks to the pandemic. So it’s just us, the dog and the daily grind which is becoming ever so slightly monotonous five months down the line…

The Siblings Project - July 2020

Nothing feels quite right – I keep seeing pictures of my friends visiting attractions and parks yet I just don’t feel comfortable with that idea just yet. It’s such a shame for the kids but I’d rather not risk THEIR LIVES for a day out. We’ve got the garden to sit out in at least, it’s just a shame that we are lacking sunshine thus stuck inside for the time being.

If only things were ‘normal’ but then ‘normal’ went out of the window back in March and I don’t really see ‘normal’ returning for a very, very long time.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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