The Siblings Project – January 2021

Though we’ve had the odd flurry of the white stuff, in comparison to many other places around the UK we’ve not seen all that much snow as of yet this year. 

Earlier this week, the kids wrapped up warm for a winter’s walk, and despite scaring their Dad silly by slipping on the ice, both J & E rather enjoyed their escape from our ‘four wall fortress’. 

The Siblings Project - January 2021

Though I’d love to see some more snow this year, I’m well aware that the moment it does ‘dump it down’ that the kids will want to be out with their sledges, and given that our nearest hill is at the local park, it doesn’t really seem a very sensible place to go to right now… 

I was so hoping that this year would be better than the last but so far things just seem even harder and though I’m trying my best to keep smiling, it really isn’t easy. Thankfully the kids are being so resilient and I’m super proud of their attitude and understanding during this god-awful pandemic, I just so hope that things can get back to some sort of ‘normal’ at some point…

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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