The Siblings Project – Cuddles On The Couch (January 2019)

I made a vow to take part in a range of linkies during 2019, one of which was the ‘The Siblings Project’, a monthly linky (run and hosted by Dear Beautiful) sharing snapshots of our children together. J & E have the most fantastic relationship and despite the odd squabble they get along like a house on fire.

It’s not often that J & E manage to share a snapshot together, they are forever playing together but that doesn’t always make for the perfect picture. This particular photo was taken by my Mum whilst our kids were out at a sleep over. It may be blurry and it may be rather pixellated in places, but I couldn’t care less – this picture sums up my kids perfectly.

Whilst E is sat comfortably wearing her fluffy, bunny slippers with a mouthful of toast, she is still more than happy to pose for a picture. Meanwhile J is distracted by the dog and couldn’t give a flying monkeys about having his picture taken. As usual our little lady is being the diva whilst our little man is distracted yet more than happy to be so.

J has a huge passion for animals, he adores dogs especially his own. I cannot express how much having a dog means to J, our beautiful basset is much-like J’s shadow as she forever follows him around. They are best buddies and despite our dog being unable to talk, I’m fairly sure they communicate on another level through cuddles on the couch.  In this picture though, J has made time for Polly, his pooch pal away from home.

It’s so lovely to see our little ones cuddled up on the couch together, they are such a perfect pair and although being their Mother is comparable to being a referee at times, I couldn’t ask for a brother and sister to get along any better.

Despite their four-year age gap, J and E care for, respect, accommodate and tolerate each other brilliantly. They play each others games, share each others television programs and help each other wherever possible. I’m incredibly proud to be a parent to such a perfectly wonderful, wise and wickedly humorous pair of children.

The Siblings Project - Cuddles On The Couch (January 2019)

As always, thanks for reading. I look forward to taking part in further posts within this series as it will be a fantastic way in which to record memories of ‘my two’ together over time.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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