The Siblings Project – January 2020

We are only a fortnight into the spring term and already it feels as if Christmas was a lifetime ago. I don’t know about you but I really miss the twinkly lights, the festive food and that lack of time awareness – it didn’t matter what date, day or time it was – it was simply time enjoyed with family.

With J’s recent operation, the wet weather, and school starting back we haven’t really been out much since the new year. Most of my photos, therefore, have been taken in and around the house, I must appear to be a hermit but it’s just how things have had to be of late.

The Siblings Project - January 2020

This month’s’ siblings project snap’ was taken on the evening of Christmas day. J had opened his beloved gaming chair and didn’t seem to mind his sister sitting on his knee to swivel around.

It was a joy to see them opening their parcels at Christmas, they were both quite taken by the fact that they shared similar gifts: they each had a slinky, they each had a whoopee cushion, they each had a book to read and so on… They were also given a few ‘joint gifts’ which they took turns to open and didn’t seem to mind sharing at all.

I love how close J & E are, I love that E spent her time sat entertaining J in his room with games and toys whilst he recovered, I love that J will often make his sister (and myself) a drink upon his return from school, I love how they share their toys, their games, their Lego, their sweets, their snacks and their time together.

Routine has now returned and whilst I would usually welcome the organisation and steady schedule, I still crave and miss the comfort that Christmas seemed to offer.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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