The Siblings Project – February 2021

It’s currently the February half-term holidays and as we technically cannot go anywhere or do much of anything as we are still ‘living in lockdown’, we’ve done our best to have a holiday at home. The kids are rather enjoying having a break from the books and I’m hoping that it won’t be too long before we can return to normality.

Though I’m getting a little tired of refereeing the enitvitable sibling squabbles which seem to arise from time to time, the odd argument here and there is hardly surprising given that we’re all stuck sharing the same four walls twenty-four-seven.

All things considered, the kids are being as good as gold, I couldn’t imagine having to deal with living in lockdown for months on end at their age- the kids are remarkably resilient and I’m so proud of them both for coping with all that they have endured over the past year.

Until normality resumes (whenever that may be) we are ‘making do’ and making the most of our time together at home.

The Siblings Project - February 2021

We surprised the kids with a little treat this week as after years of wishing for a hot tub, we finally bit the bullet and we now have our very own outdoor spa, which both the kids and us adults have been having heaps of fun in despite the freezing weather conditions – it’s almost like being abroad, only without the waiters, waitresses and room service!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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