The Siblings Project – December 2019

I really couldn’t ask for two kinder, more caring kids than my pair. They each have a heart of gold and whilst they may bicker from time to time, they play perfectly together for the most part.

I love how they take care and look out for each other. When shopping they will often see bits and bobs which they will point out and pick up as ideas for one and other, it’s such a delight to see.

That said when it comes to watching television there is often tension as each of them has differing preferences for programs. J is at an age where he enjoys watching teen/ adult shows such as Friends, Robot Wars and You’ve Been Framed, whereas E still likes to watch children’s shows.

We do our best to limit their screen time whilst ensuring that they are each given their fair share of choice but it does get difficult at times.

The Siblings Project - December 2019

Having two kids is all about keeping things balanced, even and fair. For example, we’ve mirrored the kids’ bedrooms so that they each have almost identical beds, desks and such like and we’ve found that this has worked really well.

When it comes to Christmas however things get a little tricker, especially so when you have an older child whose likely to wish for smaller yet more expensive items.

It’s all very well aiming to spend the same amount on each child but once wrapped there is a huge size difference in the piles of presents. For this reason, we’ve bulked out the boy’s gifts a little this year, adding a few extra stocking stuffers to ensure things appear even on the big day.

I’m well aware that there is limited time left before J realises the truth behind the magic and I’m making the most of every moment that he still believes. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s cottoned on yet – if he has he hasn’t said so…

I’m almost certain that once J realises the reality of Santa (if he hasn’t already), he will be sure to stay shum and to keep it a secret for his sister. J is the best big brother and will no doubt join us in our efforts to keep the magic alive.

The magic is made for me by simply sharing the day with these two amazing little people, they are my World.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful



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